Simple travel ideas, for a better getaway

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Making travel easier is one way to make traveling more enjoyable. Going to a new place is exciting and if you are prepared it will be less costly and stressful. Sometimes the simplest ideas will make your experience so much more enjoyable.

Before you call:

A simple check with your cell phone company can tell you if calling from your destination will cost you more or not. If you don’t know what the charges will be you could get a very nasty surprise when you get your next phone bill.


When packing, go for less instead of more:

Over-packing can mean carrying many more pounds around than necessary. You can wear those pants a few times, and nobody is going to care that you wore that bikini a few times in a row.


Under packing:

Over packing may be bad but under packing is worse. You go on vacation for a week but you only brought three pairs of underwear. Well that’s a problem. When packing you should add more than enough underwear and less jeans. You’re ok with dirty jeans, just not dirty underwear.


To avoid carrying too much home:

Avoid Buy too many things: think you need that “one of a kind” vase? There’s five more at your local pier one. Most of these things are expensive and aren’t really one of a kind. You should save your money on something really unique, not some generic knick knack that you can buy at home.


Try some local food:

Don’t hide from the local menus. Sure nobody wants to eat something made in a truck, but how could you go somewhere new like China or Brazil and not try something new? Don’t take your kid to some generic restaurant so they can just order chicken fingers and be done with it. Try something new.



Sex on vacation with stranger is never a good idea. That is the easiest way to get a STD and a possible unwanted baby. Even if you see the man of your dreams with a sexy accent running towards you with a lustful look in his eye, go buy a Cannolli or Dim Sum, and have a snack, no unwanted babies for you or diseases to take home.

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