Odd destinations for a getaway

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There is just no telling what will inspire someone to travel to certain destinations. There are tours available of such interesting spots, that most of us couldn’t even imagine what is out there.

The Evil Lair tour:

While it does sound like something straight out of an Austin Powers movie, it is actually possible to tour the former retreats of some former tyrants and dictators.

Napoleon Bonaparte: Ch√Ęteau de Fontainebleau, France

Location: over 50 kilometers from the center of Paris.

Current Purpose: Museum.

Points of note: The huge Chateau is full of furnishings from Napoleons time.


Adolf Hitler: Eagle’s Nest, Bavaria

Location: in the Bavarian Alps.

Current purpose: restaurant and information center.

Future plans: 20 plus million dollar upgrade.

Strange access: to get there you must take the brass elevator car that is in the mountain.


Josef Stalin’s Dacha, Sochi, Russia

Location: the outer edge of the Black Sea resort town of Sochi.

Current Purpose: museum.

Points of note: This was Stalin favorite getaway, and is now a much too well-packed space that is open for tours.


Josip Tito: Facility D-0 ARK, Bosnia

Location: Under Ark

Current Purpose: is reopening for art installations, Project Biennale.

Future Plans: will probably be closed back up after the art show.

Points of note: There are many tunnels, along with meeting rooms and residential areas that were built as an atomic shelter (and kept a secret until the 90’s).


Benito Mussolini: Villa Torlonia, Rome

Location: a neo-classical villa on Via Nomentana

Current Purpose: several museums.

Points of note: The only noticeable link to Mussolini is in the Documentation section in the basement of the villa. Films are shown in that area that dates to the time when he lived there.

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