Eat right when you fly

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No matter how excited you might be about your upcoming vacation, there is still usually quite a bit of stress to deal with. With all of the extra tasks that people have before they leave, there will be less time to make and eat healthy food choices. Whether you are running out of time or just want some comfort foods before you fly, there are some foods that should be avoided pre-flight. For one reason it is harder to digest food while in flying up in the clouds for hours. There are also typically issues with circulation because of being forced to sit in a tight spot for too long. The foods that you eat can either help you avoid swollen feet, or make it more likely to suffer that and more.

Foods to avoid pre-flight:


Gas producing foods.

If you are going to be stuck in a plane for a few hours, you definitely don’t want to be the passenger that is “smelling” up the cabin with uncontrollable gas. The bloating will make the flight even more uncomfortable as well.



For some people, the thought of getting on a plane without a drink first is just ridiculous. A lot of people are afraid of flying and will have a drink or two to calm the nerves. Some swear that it helps them sleep during the flight as well. Since alcohol will make a drinker more dehydrated, it is not recommended during or before a flight. Dehydration on flights is something that everyone needs to be concerned with. For drinkers it is important to drink the same amount of water as alcoholic drinks pre-flight. It will make for a lot of stumbles to the plane potty but will alleviate the issues that accompany dehydration.



Drinks with bubbles.

Carbonated beverages can make people have gas and also have the need to climb over their fellow passengers quite frequently to get to the bathroom.


Large fatty meals.

Any supersized and super fat laden meal should be avoided before getting on the plane. Those types of meals are already hard to digest and when the body is at a flight level altitude, it is even harder. Eating light, in small amounts is the best idea.

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