Do you need a vacation-from your vacation?

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The fact is that a vacation can wear you out sometimes. In some cases you can head out for a nice getaway and come back home exhausted simply because of all the stress and activities. Having a less demanding vacation can be what people need sometimes.

Tone down the stress: Take advantage of help that is available.


There are many different services available that can help in small ways to make travel easier.

Have your car parked at the airport by a service.

Use a travel agency to arrange for flights, cruise and other activities.

Have the porter take and check bags at airport curbside.

Let the porter help when you arrive as well.

If your hotel supplies toiletries, use them and avoid packing such items.

(Some hotels will have razors, soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes and more for guests)


Keep kids happy, busy, and rested.

Bring a small backpack for each child, filled with distractions and snacks for the ride.

If the kids have electronic games, let them play during down time and travel time, it’s a vacation after all!

Give kids a chance to rest.

(Theme parks might be on the agenda but they are exhausting and can be too much day after day. If one day is spent traipsing through a park going from ride to ride, then the next day it might be a good idea to spend some lounge time at the hotel pool)


Try and keep to a regular schedule.

Kids and adults will feel better when they stick to the same or a similar schedule. While it is typical for everyone to stay up later while on vacation, there is often so much to do that the whole gang will still need to wake up pretty early. If you have an early day planned then get to bed. If it is all still up in the air, then sleep late when you can.

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