Top vacation spots for teens

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Most teenagers would jump at the thought to get away from their parents and party with their friends for a while. These are some good spots for teenagers to let lose and go wild for a bit, with or without parents.

  • Bush gardens Tampa Florida:

This amusement park has lots of fun for the whole family, though the most of the people going are local teenagers and tourists looking for some good Tampa fun.

  • Adventure island Tampa Florida:

If you get tired of the safari themed amusement park (bush gardens) you can always go to the fun filled water park right down the street. There are hotels close by and the lazy river is the most relaxing cool ride ever.

  • Disney world Orlando Florida:

Disney world isn’t just a place where dreams come true, it’s where you can go on awesome rides and meet your favorite Disney characters. It may have a childish appeal but it’s still amazing fun for everyone including teens. It is especially  fun for teens.

  • Daytona Beach Florida:

This beach is awesome, the sand is white and the waters are amazing. There are usually tons of teens running around also.

  • Paris France:

If you’re looking for more culture Paris is the way to go. Paris is a great place for new adventures for young minds. You could study abroad or just check out the sights with a school group.

  • New Orleans Louisiana:

Though named mainly for The French Quarter, there are more than just drunks and raunchy behavior. You can learn a lot about the history and the music.

  • Austin Texas:

Texas has a lot of sights and sounds. Not to mention that it’s the music capital of the world. Austin is a great place for young aspiring musicians. There are many places to go to learn new things, and the downtown sights are to die for.

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