Beautiful Colors and Architecture Can Really add to an Airports Appeal

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Walking into a grand entryway can make time spent a lot more enjoyable. People do need to spend plenty of time in airports while waiting, so why not make it a lovely location? There are some airports that are being turned into amazing and visually stunning locations thanks to architects.


Airport Name: Beijing Capital International Airport (specifically the International Terminal)

Architect: Norman Foster

Structure built for: summer Olympic Games

Obviously China wanted to impress arriving athletes and other visitors with the international terminal.


Airport Name: Aeropuerto De Carrasco

Architect: Rafael Vinoly

The architect is a native and from the design it appears that he is appreciative of the sandy dunes that roll along the coast of the country.

Saudi Arabia:

Airport Name: King Abdulaziz International Airport

Architects: Skidmore, Owing, and Merrill

This was designed to honor the nomadic history of the people. Tent-like structures were used both for looks and to keep things cool.


Airport name: Madrid-Barajas Airport (specifically terminal 4)

Architect: Richard Rogers

There are is whole rainbow of colors that encompass the steel columns. The terminal is large, going on for around a half of a mile, and the whole way there are colors that blend and fade.


Airport name: Kansai International Airport

Architect: Renzo Piano

This airport was actually constructed on a manmade island that is 3 miles from the coast of Japan. There is a bridge that connects the mainland and the Island.

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