Accra: A City that Reflects Deep History

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Accra is the largest city of Ghana and stretches along the Atlantic coast of Ghana. The city widely served as a capital to Gold Coast, the British-ruled area between 1877 and 1957. Since 19th century, this city has transformed into a modern metropolis that reflects history through its amazing architecture. The architectural assets include British colonial buildings, apartment blocks and modern skyscrapers. The city has drier climate just like Cape Coast and the most popular sports of this city is Football.

Accra: A City that Reflects Deep History


Coming to the attractions that this city holds are divided into various groups. The city is widely served as an important city of Ghana by economy and culture. Also it is a tourist hub of Ghana and sports a wide range of monuments, hotels, nightclubs, and museums. It also offers three 5-star hotels for those who seek luxury stay. The city is also ideal for businessmen where they get an opportunity to become a part of fabulous meet at the Accra International Conference Center and enjoy other meeting facilities.

Despite this, the city is known for its National Museum that features a vast collection of Ghanaian historical treasures. Furthermore, you can explore the beautiful National Theater that is an unusually created modern Chinese architecture. The National Cultural Center is another attraction which draws those who are more interested in arts and crafts. It reveals arts and crafts bazaar as well as traditional textile market where people can buy a variety of traditional handicrafts across the city.

Jamestown is another attraction of Accra which enfolds history of this city. The origin of Jamestown sets back in 17th century and since then the city transformed into a hub that kept collecting historical monuments and many other attractions worth exploring. Jamestown itself is still used as a fishing harbor which has now been very populated.

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to book cheap tickets– your wait is over! Labadi Beach is another attraction of Accra and is one of the most popular beaches than any other present in Accra. There are many beaches, but this one ranks more for its splendid beauty. Minimal entrance fee is charged to enter this beach. However, tourists already staying at the hotel inside the beach premises need not to pay the fees. The beach is maintained well and offers musical performances such as cultural drumming, playback, hiplife, and reggae.

There are many others to list down. Some Accra attractions are listed below.

  • Kakum National Park
  • Cape Coast Castle
  • Elmina Castle
  • Lake Volta
  • Ussher Fort and James Fort
  • Osu Castle
  • Kokrobite Beach
  • Golden Jubilee House
  • Accra Sports Stadium
  • Accra Center for National Culture
  • Independence Square
  • Ghana-India Kofi Annan Center of Excellence in IT
  • Parliament of Ghana
  • Cathedral of the Holy Spirit

Accra is widely known for its beautiful beaches of which Labada Beach ranks the top. The beach is also called as La Pleasure Beach. You can reach the city by Kotoka International Airport. Other transportation options are metro monorail, taxis, trotros (common form of transportation in Accra), and buses.

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