There is no shortage of interesting lodging these days.

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Hotels come in all shapes, sizes, and technical levels. Some have gotten incredibly high tech while others are more back to basics.

Tree house hotels:

A Buddhist retreat: In China, on Hainan Island, there is a tree house type of lodging. It is right next to the beach of the South China Sea and is situated within a 5000 acre Buddhist park. There are incredible temples and a myriad of botanical gardens. It gives people a chance to enjoy the peace of nature in a very tranquil setting.

Costa Rica Tree house lodge:

It is located in Limon and has been built around an incredibly beautiful, century old Sangrillo tree that is gnarled and twisted. This lodge has full kitchens and 4 star bathrooms.




High Tech Hotels:


Yotel, in New York City,

The Times Square location is excellent and the look is completely futuristic. The hotel actually has a robotic luggage handler to go with the rest of the Techie feel. To check in, guests use a touch screen kiosk. The rooms have a techno wall that offers a LCD TV and the entirety of plug in’s that you could possibly need for your collection of laptop, IPad, or whatever else that you bring with you.


Hotel Zetta, In San Francisco,

This is the place for techno-freaks. There is an adult playroom that offers 1500 square feet of space that is full of games, From Atari to the latest up to the minute gaming consoles, they have everything. They even decorate high tech, with art pieces created with discarded and obsolete cell phones, games, and other tech bits and pieces.


And: some serious luxury,

Crested Butte, Colorado-

For just  $12,500 a night (to start), you and 10 of your friends or family can stay at the Scarp Ridge Lodge. It offers 7 bedrooms, an indoor saltwater pool and your own personal chef. The biggest problem with visiting and staying in a location that is at 9000 ft.  Altitude is the effects on your body from the lack of oxygen. They have that little issue handled nicely by pumping oxygen into the rooms. The guest simply decides at what altitude level they want it to feel like.


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