Scary incident in Houston airport

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Was this a case of suicide by cop?

Or-was there more to the recent shooting at a Houston airport?

Incident basics:

A 29 year old Texas man, Carnell Moore, shot himself in the temple at the Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport.

What led up to the incident?

On the Tuesday before:

Moore tried to take one of his coworkers for their place of employment. Apparently she was not interested in him romantically and his rejection resulted in an attempted kidnapping. Lucky for her, she was able to wrangle her way out of the mess by talking him down. He wanted to take her to Houston with him, and who knows how that might have turned out.


Moore continued on his way to Houston and stayed there in a hotel until the Thursday airport incident.


Moore posted some cryptic messages on Facebook referring to death and how his life would be “crashing” the following day.

On Thursday:

Moore went to the airport and stayed in the departure area for an hour or so. He carried with him a suitcase. Inside the suitcase was an AR-15 rifle, as well as a suicide note.

He then took out his gun and shot into the ceiling.

The shots drew the Homeland Security officer to the scene that then shot Moore in his shoulder.

According to police:

Moore did not seem to have the intention of hurting other people, according to his actions while inside the terminal.

About the AR-15:

It is a popular rifle for civilian gun enthusiasts. For one reason it is very light weight. It is also know to be very accurate. The magazines for these guns have the capacity of 10-30 rounds or more. They are also ergonomically friendly, basically put, and quite easy to hold. The civilian versions of these types of guns are semi-automatic.

Although police did state that he didn’t seem like he wanted to hurt anyone, the man did carry an incredibly powerful weapon (other than the Glock that he shot himself with) with him into the airport. The damage that he could have done with that rifle is not something that any of us want to imagine. According to Moore’s brother he was suicidal and did consider “suicide by cop” an option. It just makes one wonder what could have happened, to all of those other passengers, employees, and the various individuals that happened to be at the airport that day.

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