Fear in the sky-A plane is diverted.

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On a flight from Pakistan to London, 2 men had an altercation that was behind the flight being diverted.


The flight: was from Pakistan and was supposed to land in Manchester Airport.

The altercation: 2 men had some type of fight with a stewardess and said that they would blow up the plane because of it.

The result: flight attendants alerted the pilot who in turn alerted UK air traffic control.


A fighter jet was scrambled and the flight then landed in Stansted airport in London.


After the plane landed the 297 passengers then spent around four hours being screened because of the incident. The men involved in the altercation were arrested and taken off of the plane.


There isn’t much info out about the altercation itself.

Were the men ticked off because they couldn’t get drinks or something else silly?


It makes you wonder what could have happened if they seriously wanted to show their anger at the flight attendant. Especially now since the new rules about allowing small knives on planes have changed. The pilot is locked up safe and sound in the cockpit, but the passengers and flight attendants are at the mercy of two angry men.


There have been many incidents between flight attendants and passengers.


Some are merely a mutual aggravation that gets out of hand, while other can be pretty scary.


What these travelers don’t take into consideration is the way that their actions can affect other passengers. The people that are on the plane with them don’t get to their destination because of the diversions. Everyone that is on the plane has to be screened and give a statement, which can take hours, depending on the number of passengers. There will also be flight delays and cancellations because of flights being diverted. All of this rigmarole can happen just because someone decided to get grumpy and argue with the flight attendant.


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