Hanging out at the airport

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Why shouldn’t spending time at the airport be more fun?

Some places take this challenge more seriously than others.


In the Changi airport there are some refreshing and relaxing choices for those that will be stuck there for a little while. There is a beautiful rooftop pool with a Jacuzzi for some exercise or just some time in the sun. For those that have enough time there is also a cinema on site. The nature trail at the airport is a nice escape from the indoors.

South Korea:

The Incheon International Airport has an 18 hole golf course right there close to the airport. With so many people having to wait through hours long layovers, this is a super nice plus.



Germany and beer so go together so well. At the Munich airport waiting passengers, and anyone else that wants to stop in, can sample the beer that is made right there. Sitting and drinking gets better with their regular cabaret shows. The beer garden is a very nice relaxing touch as well.


San Francisco:

The international airport in the city has a lot to offer, including museums. What better for a place where people are forced to wait around? There are several museums for passengers to walk through for some time spent that will give them something to think about.



Being in a plane or in an airport all day can make you feel like you are trapped in an air-conditioned bubble. The Sydney International Airport has an incredible green space built right in. It is a 98 foot vertical garden with well over 8,000 live plants to freshen things up.




Most folks think about Nashville and then music will come to mind. At their airport you will have 100 plus chances to see and hear some great music being played. The airport hosts all these live concerts to celebrate the area’s heritage.


Hong Kong:

You have to wonder if people actually go to their airport just to enjoy the huge IMAX cinema screens. They claim that is the biggest movie theatre of Hong Kong. It is definitely the only IMAX in an airport, anywhere.


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