Changes from TSA-Knives allowed on flights now?

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It is important to keep track of the regulations and changes to them if you are planning on flying.

The change hat has people up in arms right now is about knives.

There are also some other items that have been prohibited that will now be allowed.

Knife rules:

Blades must be shorter than 2.36 inches

The width must be no wider than 1/2 inch

Still prohibited:

Those with locking blades


Box cutters

TSA has stated that allowing these small knives will make the security lines move faster. But seasoned travelers, especially those that work in the industry disagree wholeheartedly. The taking off of the shoes, pulling out of the computers, and confiscation of liquids is what makes things so very slow. Those have now been changed as of yet. Being required to have only 3oz. Bottles of liquids and then having to place them into the quart size baggies is one of those things that make many travelers annoyed. It makes travel more complicated and that is annoying. It will seriously slow down the lines if the security guards have to open and measure all of the pocket knives that go through.

Other items that are now allowed:

Golf clubs

Toy bats

Ski poles

Hockey sticks

Other types of sports sticks

Why are these items allowed on board now?

The cock pit doors are now reinforced and it is highly likely that passengers will be much more motivated to stop someone that is either brandishing a stick or a tiny pocket knife.

A step further…

Former head of TSA, Kip Hawley says that they should allow much more than that.

According to him, there is no threat to a plane or a chance of bringing a plane down, with any pointy or sharp object. That means people should be able to bring machetes, battle axes, and any other blades on board the plane. People can commit acts of violence with many objects. That does not mean though that these acts will gain them access to the cockpit by any means. If the TSA focus is more on bombs and other real threats then it would work better at protecting us all.

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