You never know what you will find at an airport

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There have been some amazing things found at airports. People lose things, leave things, and forget about stuff. Some of it is comical while others are dangerous. Take the very old bomb that was located recently.

There are probably more unexploded bombs out in the world than people realize. This one sat for a very long time before being unearthed.

The WWII bomb was found in Amsterdam at the Schiphol airport. There is some serious digging going on for new construction there.

A bomb is definitely not something that people want to be found at an airport.

The Schiphol airport is incredibly busy as well, being one of the busiest aviation hubs in Europe.

-The airport is so large and busy that only a portion of it was shutdown to deal with the discovery.

-The bomb was undetonated which was a cause for fear.

-The discovery was made while workers were excavating for a new hydrant system to refuel aircraft.

-The bomb squad did investigate and was concerned about the possible implications.

-50 million passengers annually go through this airport.

Another bomb was found recently and exploded in Munich, it was another WWII bomb that weighed 550 lbs.

How did the bomb get there in the first place?

The Nazi’s used the airport before 1943 as a base for air-raids on Britain. There were approximately 400 tons of bombs dropped on the complex by the US alone during WWII. The bomb was found at pier “C”, which is the wing that is mostly used for flights that go to the European Unions passport-free Schengen zone and then on to Europe or the US.

The implications of cancellations and delays from this issue and similar ones have not yet been fully explored.

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