How good is that airport coffee for you?

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Staying healthy and making healthy choices can be pretty tough when you are on the go.

Keeping track of whether or not coffee is actually OK for your body is hard to keep track of too considering the differing opinions.

  • There are those that swear coffee will give you a longer life-simply because it is a better habit than others that you would be doing instead. It does have antioxidants.
  • Without a doubt, coffee will help you to wake up and feel more alert. That is a bonus that can’t be ignored.
  • According to a Harvard study: Coffee will
    • Decrease the chance of Parkinson’s
    • Reduce diabetes risk
    • Lessen the chance of colon cancer
    • Lower chance of breast cancer

Because drinking coffee often goes with some very bad habits, it is a hard substance to study the health benefits of. Many smokers drink coffee when they are smoking and they are not the type to exercise a lot. For pregnant women there is no doubt that the caffeine is reaching the developing baby, the jury is out though on the long term effects of that.

Hypertension and coffee:

  • Coffee raises blood pressure.
  • New coffee drinkers will have a very noticeable raise in pressure.
  • Regular drinkers only have a slight increase.

Diabetes and coffee:

  • Drink lots of coffee and you will have a lesser chance of getting type-2 diabetes. That is what endless worldwide studies have pronounced.
  • There are debates on whether these facts are the same for short-term and long-term consumption.

What about specialty coffee drinks?

Those frothy creamy concoctions from the coffee shop are pretty bad. You might be thinking that a medium sized coffee drink is a good idea for a wake up snack before you get on your flight or go looking for some breakfast. That is just not the case though for the most part. You could be downing 700 or more calories in that one drink. Not a good way to start the day for anyone.

Airport Coffee

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