The Proper Luggage Can Help Make Any Trip Easier

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Packing for a trip can be a nightmare for some folks. While you don’t want to forget anything that you are going to need, you don’t want to carry around extra pounds either. In many respects a proper bag is the key to good packing and easier traveling.

Packing light:

One of the best perks of packing light is the ability to carry your luggage on with you when you board the plane. There are both pro’s and con’s though to packing light and not checking bagsĀ  that have to be considered.

1-No checked bags means a lot more hassle going through security.

2-Checked bags mean waiting for your luggage post flight and hoping it was not lost.

3-Bags in the air with you can be accessed.

3-Less clothing/baggage can mean wearing the same stuff repeatedly.

3-Checking a bag allows for larger liquid amounts.

Whether you make the choice to pack light and carry on or check them all, a good bag is necessary.

Rolling bags are very nice for a few reasons. One is simply that they make it easy to get from one spot to another without having to carry it. Carrying a bag can be very wearing on the back and arms, even if it is only a small to medium sized bag.

What to look for in rolling bags:

-A handle that is long enough for your body, so you don’t have to slouch when walking.

-Easy access pocket in front, that is just big enough to hold tickets, boarding passes, passport, and other important papers.

-A carry on that will fit inside the overhead bin wheels first .

-A large lightweight bag , made of high tech polyester as opposed to nylon(check Samsonites Lift 29″ upright). The poly means that it weighs 30% less.

-Large bags with 4- 360 degree spinner wheels are easier to handle.

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