Some Tips For Easier Flight Travel

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Vacations are awesome but the fact is that flying can be very stressful. Part of that stress, of course, is related to packing and getting your things from one place to another. No one wants to go on a vacation and have to purchase an entirely new wardrobe (well, speak for yourself!). Going away without the essentials can make a trip more difficult, as well as expensive. It is also important to understand how best to deal with the little issues of flying as well.

Some Top Tips:

  1. 1-Be ready for security.

    Don’t be the bozo that slows the line down for 10 minutes because you can’t find your ID, or you don’t have your bags organized enough to find anything. Keep ID in hand and liquids in the right sizes. Don’t wait until you are at the checkpoint to fish through pockets and take of shoes either.

  2. 2-Luggage.

    If you are carrying bags on, make sure they will fit in the bin overhead. Make sure that you are physically able to lift your bags to the bin. Once you have your bag in the bin, try and shut it-just to be sure. Otherwise yours is the one that will be yanked out to be checked in.

  3. 3-Hazards of overhead bins.

    Please take care when opening bins. Having luggage fall on someone’s head is not a good way to make friends. If one hand opens the bin while the other is up there ready to deflect, then it should be OK.

  4. 4-Soft bags will give, hard bags will not.

    Sometimes a soft bag can be mashed into a space where the approximately sized hard bag cannot. If yours will not fit then having it checked is not that bad really. You know it will be on the flight that you are on, it will also be one of the first off of the plane.

  5. 5-Be nice.

    This bit of advice can work in an endless number of situations. It is especially suited for travel simply because when there are large numbers of moderately stressed people trying to get from one place to the next, it can be very helpful. You don’t have to be a hero but a little help to those in need or a kind word instead of an obvious display of exasperation can multiply good feelings all around.

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