Coping with Holiday Travel

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If you are flying anywhere this holiday season you will have plenty of company. The best advice is always to plan ahead and accept the help that is available whether that means getting the car parked by someone else, paying for help with the families bags, or investing in new video games for the kids.

The Basics:

  1. 1. Get to the airport on time(that means 2 hours earlier than your flight).
  2. 2.After bags are checked, go straight to security and get that out of the way.
  3. 3. Be prepared for security!

Put all loose articles into your carry on, such as keys and cell phone.

Have Identification in hand.

Know what is prohibited on the flight.

How can you check what is allowed through security?

The easiest way to learn exactly what you are allowed to bring with you on the flight or to have in your suitcase is to go straight to the source. The transportation security administration has a website, going to MY TSA will allow anyone to quickly check what is allowed.

If you have medically required liquids-let security know.

Some airports have separate lines in security for those that will need to bring through items that require more than just the average screening. If you have very small children then this might be the area where your group will walk through. There are allowances made for breast milk, baby formula and similar liquids. 3.4 ounces is the limit on these. When carrying liquids through screening the containers should be stored in quart zip-up type plastic bags. The bags will be placed in the screening bin.

Know your airport:

If you have not flown through the departure or arrival airport in more than a year, then check things out before your trip. There could have been some significant changes made during that time. Airports under construction can be especially taxing on both your nerves and your time. Airport websites are a great source of info. The site will offer updates involving construction as well as any other pertinent new info.

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