Beware of those winter storm slowdowns!

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There have been some recent winter storms that have wreaked havoc for holiday travelers, among others.

Weather issues have caused multiple problems:

  • 15 deaths were reported in the northeast.

Holiday travelers are getting stranded while trying to get home both on the road and in the air.

airpark_dont_get_stuck_in_snowNew York and the New England area will have gotten a huge amount of snow by now to really slow things down there.

Airport issues reported:

  • -A jet that was getting ready for takeoff instead ended up stuck in the mud. It was a Southwest Airlines jet that was headed from Long Island to Tampa. Thankfully none of the 129 passengers or 5 crew members suffered anything more than an inconvenience.
  • -There was so much snow recently in Pittsburgh that a plane became stuck for at least 2 hours. The passengers eventually had to be bused from the plane that was stuck on the tarmac.
  • -On Wednesday Dec. 26, there were over 1700 flights cancelled.
  • -American Airlines cancelled 500 flights.
  • -United and Delta both had at least 200 flights cancelled.
  • -Dallas/Fort Worth airport had over 1000 people stranded, who had to spend their Christmas night at the airport.
  • -Rapid snowfall meant such an amount of deicing that it was too much too safely handle it all.
  • -Philadelphia International Airport experienced arrival delays of over four hours.
  • -New York airports were reporting delays of an hour to 3 hours.

Other travel options:

  • -Road travel with Greyhound was severely hampered with nearly 50 bus routes cancelled.
  • -Megabus reported that they had over 10 routes that felt some affect from the storms.
  • -Even Amtrak had some trouble! It was in the form of a mudslide in the Pacific Northwest.

The best available advice for travelers:

Check ahead before you leave the house. It is better to sit in your nice warm home as opposed to fighting the weather and traffic to get to the airport, bus station, or train station only to end up waiting or having to make your way treacherously back home again. It is definitely a good idea to avoid getting stuck on the road, in the snow.

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