Happy Kids Means Busy Kids – at the Airport

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Airport PictureSpending time at the airport with kids does not have to be a huge drag. While waiting in the variety of lines that you are required to is not fun for anyone, that will only account for a portion of your time spent with air travel. The first step in having a simple day of travel would be to take advantage of whatever can make the day simpler, such as different airport services.

Airport Info: Finding out what the airport has to offer is simple. A quick look online at the airports website will offer loads of info. Taking a moment to visit the airport information desk can also be helpful. They can tell you where a kids area is located if there is one on location. The info desk will sometimes have activity books to give to children as well.

A List of Excellent Children Distractions:

  1. A hand held game device. If you have not bought one of these for your child yet, before a trip is the perfect time. They are small and will keep kids of a wide age range busy, no matter where they are.
  2. Explore the airport. Walk through shops and buy a snack for the flight(don’t forget the chewing gum).
  3. Check out the bathrooms. It is a good way to get everyone to try and go before boarding.
  4. Look at the art displays. Many airports have aquariums, large hanging sculptures and fountains that will keep kids busy for a while.
  5. Get physical. Walking around is a good idea, but sometimes the kids will need more activity. Little ones usually enjoy riding escalators. It is usually possible to find a deserted or sparsely populated spot where there would be enough room for play. Obviously you don’t want to harass anyone that is waiting for a flight, but getting the kids to expel some energy is a good way to help their behavior later, on the flight. Jumping contests, relay races, or even some silly dancing might even attract some new playmates for the time pre-flight.

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