Flying Does not have to be a Nightmare

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Nightmare Picture - airportparkingassistantThe horror stories about air travel are pretty much endless. There are long lines to deal with, for everything from security, getting coffee, or to just going to the bathroom. Getting a seat next to a crying baby can be a total stress-out. So, what can you do to avoid a bad day flying?

Planning ahead is smart. Basically planning ahead is one of those things that can make pretty much anything in life go more smoothly. When you plan ahead for travel it will give you the chance to take full advantage of all those little extra’s that will make your day easier. Order a cab or reserve your parking in advance. Do a bit of research about the airports that you will be going through, so you won’t get a nasty surprise and arrive hungry only to discover all of the eateries are closed due to construction.

Thinking about the time spent at the airport as time for yourself, can make it feel better and be less stressful. Consider that you are not at home, so there are no chores that must be done, and you are not at the office, school, gym, etc, so there is no work or working out you must do. It is time that you can sit and relax, with no demands.

Once you have made it through security and checked your bags, then it is time to relax. If you have a portable hobby-this is the perfect time for it. Pull out your IPad and play games or get out your sketchbook and color to your heart’s content. Even a simple pack of playing cards can mean a relaxing few games of solitaire or a friendly game of poker with new friends.

The airport bar or coffee shop can be a nice spot to relax as well. You can sit and chat with others that are waiting as well. If you don’t want to socialize then having an IPod can make anyplace feel more relaxing, especially if you do actually get stuck next to the cranky kid.

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