Car Security at the Airport

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Car Security At The AirportAirport security is one of those things that we all endure. No one really enjoys dealing with the heightened security, but for the most part it does make us all feel safer when we do fly. It also adds an element of safety to doing whatever it is that travelers must do at the airport.

While for many people, the idea of parking your car at the airport and leaving it for the duration of your trip is not a consideration. Many will get a ride or catch a cab/shuttle and get dropped off. Leaving you vehicle to be stored at the airport parking is not such a bad idea though.

True, it will cost something to have your car sitting there for a week or two. It can solve a few problems though. There will be no cost incurred to get both to and from the airport. There will be no big favors owed to friends and family after that crack of dawn drop-off or midnight pick-up. You could end up helping a buddy move and get to enjoy a long laborious day of camaraderie that ends in pizza, beer, and a pulled muscle in your lower back.

The fact is that airport parking lots are much more secure than they were before 9/11. True, there will still be cars getting robbed, especially if the door is left unlocked, but that is much less likely now. Any American airport of a decent size is going to have a security team that specifically keeps watch on the parking areas.

Leaving your car parked at the airport could mean that your car is safer than it would be if left in your driveway. It will definitely make the trip less complicated. You will have no worries over your ride showing up or whether or not your luggage will fit in the cab or shuttle. To make life even simpler it is also possible to have your car parked for you so that all you need to do is jump out, grab the kids and check your bags.

If you do decide to leave your car at the airport parking area, take just a few very simple precautions. A thief will be much more likely to try and break into a car if there is something that looks like it could be valuable where they can see it. Putting all bags, purses, and backpacks in the trunk where they won’t be seen means they won’t be a temptation. Locking the doors is also a super good deterrent. An unlocked door means a very quiet entry into a vehicle and will be the first thing that a thief tries.

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