10 Worst Airport Flight Delays

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worst on time airportsEven though your airport parking assistant has auto transport covered, the airplane part of the transportation equation is another matter. Airport flight delays can cause passengers to miss connections, be late to meetings and loose their luggage.

Here are the worst of the worst for on time airport flight arrivals based upon the US Department of Transportation’s data for 2010 and 2011. When traveling out of, to and especially through any of these places make sure to check flight status and allow for extra time. The statistics suggest that packing an extra snack is also advisable…

The Golden Gate and the Big Apple Share the Prize for the Worst Airports

If delays rather than shopping are the criteria, San Francisco (SFO) and Newark share the prize for being the worst major airports in the country for on time flight arrivals. Newark beat San Francisco by a nose as the worst airport in the country for delays with an average on time flight arrival of 69.3% in 2010 and 2011. San Francisco does not do much better with an average on time arrival rating of 71.3%.

New York’s other airports have nothing to brag about with JFK coming in at 75% and LaGuardia (LGA) coming in at 72.9%. Outside of hiring a private jet charter there are no good alternatives for on time arrives into New York City.

Oakland (OAK) is a good alternative to SFO with one of the highest on time arrival ratings of any airport in the United States. According to Flightstats.com and the US Department of transportation OAK consistently runs on time 90% of the time. Given the heavy fog that often plaques the area this rating shows that the common excuse of “weather” should probably be questioned more often by passengers.

East Coast Airports have Longest Delays

Apart from SFO and Chicago’s O’Hare large airports with the worst arrival times were all on the East Coast. Boston (BOS), Philadelphia (PHL), Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Washington DCA (DCA) all made the list for the worst on time arrival ratings for 2010 and 2011.

In all fairness, East Coast airports have higher traffic and severe weather to contend with that does not plaque many of the airports on the West Coast. These airports are also generally older. While terminal buildings and facilities are commonly upgraded, runways and airplane flight facilities in some of the older airports have not been improved. Heavier traffic and increased flight security measures (notably at New York and Washington DC) may also account for the low on time arrival ratings of these East Coast hubs.

The take away? When flying through any of these airports make sure to allow extra time for flight connections. When flying into or out of these airports make the best use of your time by hiring an airport parking assistant and checking on arrival and departure information ahead of time. In many cases when time is short an airport parking assistant can make up for time lost while in the airport. When being late for a meeting just is not an option, plan ahead and park with us!

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