Getting an Airport Parking Spot

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The next time you head out to the Airport, don’t have a friend drop you off. Get an Airport parking spot for your car. By getting a parking spot for your vehicle, you won’t have to put friends out for hours at a time dropping law and picking you up after that trip.

What is Airport Parking?

airport parking lotAlmost every Airport in a major city will have Airport parking for travelers who want to leave their vehicles on-site. The parking is usually open 24 hours a day and is guarded. Travelers can usually choose from valet service, open air parking spots or covered parking spots for vehicles. Each of the parking choices has a different pricing. With the valet service you drop off your vehicle at the entrance and when you come to pick it up later it will be driven up to you. Open air parking is a parking spot in a guarded lot that’s open to the elements. Covered parking is a parking spot in a covered garage, so that the vehicle won’t be rained or snowed on while you’re absent.

Get a Reservation!

Most parking lots will offer reservation service to travelers who want to ensure they have a parking spot available at the time they leave. Reservations are made online or over the phone and usually require a credit card to make a small payment. Travelers who don’t want to make a reservation can simply drive up to the parking lot and see if any spots are available. It’s better to make a reservation during peak travel seasons or when you don’t have someone willing to drive the vehicle home for you.

When you get back from your trip, it’s easy to pick up your vehicle at the 24 hour Airport parking lot. If you lose your ticket, the attendant will be able to look at your information on their computer to confirm that you are the owner of vehicle. At this time you may be required to pay for the storage of your vehicle. Some Airport parking lots will take the fees ahead of time based on the number of days you estimate you’ll be away. If you think you’ll be longer or your trip is extended, then be sure to call the parking lot and let the attendant know you’ll be staying a few extra days. They can take your information over the phone or you can make a payment for the extra days when you pick up your vehicle later.

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