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William P Hobby Airport

Flying into and out of KHOU, Houston, Texas you have choices. You may fly a commercial line, a private jet, a jet charter, or a private jet charter. What about car rental, or parking for your personal vehicle?

As we all are well aware, flying on commercial airlines are no longer the pleasant traveling option it used to be. Long wait times, luggage inspections, personal scanning of us and our items, flight delays have combined to make it , potentially, a nightmare.WIlliam P. Hobby airport is no exception.

Where will you park your car? METRO has a bus route to Houston Hobby. Many of the areas hotels have shuttle services back and forth from the hotel.A shuttle service is available to pick up travelers from home or office, and transport them to the airline, as well as return them home.Of course, there are always taxis available. Hobby is very limited in parking options- there does not appear to be any KHOU parking.

A private jet is feasible only if you are highly paid corporate member, or have the money available to buy your own jet. The corporation may have a privately owned jet, but you may not have access to it. Privately owned jets must meet all the FAA safety regulations, including maintenance and inspections.

A KHOU private jet charter is available. There are many jet charter in Houston services available. These companies own a small portion of privately owned jets, and arrange flights on request. Some offer as little as four hour notice, others include complete door to door service. Catered food may be included, or almost any other request can be honored.

Many private jet charters in Houston are available. Much like the private jet , they offer a wide array of personalized services. No need to arrive at the airport hours before departure- you will not have to go through security and baggage inspection. Simply walk onto the tarmac a few minute before departure, and board your plane. You are free to bring anything you wish to. In flight sleeping accommodations are available if that is your wish. Perhaps you need to be productive-A/V and networking can be accommodated. An in-flight conference? No problem at all! Most of the seats face one another, making you at ease .Since these are private flights, no need to worry about being overheard.

There are significant differences between a charter broker, and a privately owned jet charter operator. A broker has no control over jets it does not own, while an operator has 100% control.Brokers can tell clients flight maintenance and safety records, but have no control over the aircraft, pilot, and safety requirements. An private jet charter operator has complete control over those items- they own the aircraft, hire the pilots, and ensure compliance with FAA regulations. And, finally, is costs- last minute travel, or during a period of high demand, brokers have no control over costs. An owner can service and maintain their fleet to minimize costs, and ensure a jet is available when you want one.Ancillary services for a jet charter operator is available. Much as a broker can, the concierge can meet any request. It matters not if the request is for in-flight items, or at your destination.

Depending on the number of people flying, a jet charter may be less expensive than a last minute flight. Rates start at $1250( a nine seater turbo prop) per hour, and go up from there.If you want to take your family on vacation...say to Disney world in California, commercial flight would be at least $250 per person. For a family of 5, that is the same as one hour flying time.If you have a larger family, the hourly rates are the same. Imagine being able to get on the plane, no waiting in line, bringing everything you want to. Start your vacation the minute you get on the plane!