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Why you should drive yourself to Bekdash Airport

If you are traveling abroad for a long time, you definitely need to invest in long-term airport parking rather than have your car lying in the garage or along the street collecting rust and bird droppings. Many airports, including Balkan Bekdash Airport, have long-term on-site parking options. Still, there are private parking companies that operate off-site parking areas around the airport. You do not have to pay a load for the on-site parking when you can get bargained deals outside the airport. However, check the parking area�s security, proximity to airport, staff�s professionalism and reputation. Seek referrals from buddies and do your research to determine the best airport company with affordable deals and then book in advance. Pre-booking also comes at a discount in most cases, so take advantage of that.

Airport parking is an accepted and expensive part of holidays or business trips. There are many bargains and promotions which can save a driver from paying full price whilst parking in the long term airport car parks. Bekdash Bekdash Airport offers discounts to drivers who pre-book their parking spaces prior to leaving for trips. By pre-booking online a driver can save up to 60% on the airport tariffs. Promotional coupons offering great savings may also be available through the internet. All reserved spaces are within walking distances to all the terminals. Secure parking is tantamount for the safety of the car and the contents. Special late offers are also available for those drivers whom have bought flight tickets at the last minute and require parking in a hurry.

Parking at Balkan Bekdash Airport is expensive. Long term parking in particular can put a sizable dent in a traveler's budget. One possible cost control solution is off-airport parking facilities. These are privately owned secure lots near the airport entrance. Most are bonded and guarded 24 hours. They are much cheaper than on-airport parking to begin with, but when booked in advance the savings are even greater. After the early reservation special off-airport parking may cost only half as much as a comparable space on airport property. Most off-airport facilities can help arrange transport of travelers and their luggage to the airport proper for departure and back again when they return. For the best possible price on long term vehicle storage, consider off-airport parking booked in advance.

Every airport like Balkan Bekdash Airport has major restaurant chains like Applebees, and the typical fast food places McDonalds, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken to name a few. Most of us know about dollar saving websites like where the more people use coupons on particular item, the lower it is with more added value for your money. This same truth holds true for dining at Balkan Bekdash Airport with discounts varying anywhere from 5% all the way on up to 25%. Uniquely local restaurants often offer lower discounts in competing with the big name chain restaurants near Balkan Bekdash Airport since they want your business and hope that you will positively advertise how good they are via word of mouth. Local residents or employees working at Balkan Bekdash Airport can direct you to the best restaurant deals in town.

Why you should drive yourself to Bekdash Airport

Depending on the time of year that you are traveling, there are lots of different ways that parking at Balkan Bekdash Airport can be an easier task for you to take care of. Many times the airport offers bargains on your parking. If you are planning a trip, the website for the airport should give you plenty of information. There is even parking lots close by that may suit your budget more. Just make sure that when you are picking a place to park that you chose and area that is patrolled often and well lit. This will make sure that your car has less of a chance of being broken into. If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, you may want to equip your car with an alarm or other safety device that will help insure its safety.

Medium Airports in Turkmenistan

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Ashgabat AirportAshgabatASB
Daşoguz AirportDaşoguzTAZ
Mary AirportMaryMYP
Mary North AirportMaryTM-UT52
Turkmenabat AirportTürkmenabatCRZ
Turkmenbashi AirportKrasnovodskKRW

Small Airports in Turkmenistan

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Ashgabat Bezmein AirportAshgabatUT1G
Balkanabat AirportBalkanabatUT1H
Bekdash AirportBekdashTM-0001
Cheleken East AirportChelekenUT1J
Gaurdak AirportGaurdakTM-UT56
Gyaurs AirfieldGyaursTM-0003
Kala-I-Mor AirportTurkmenkarakulTM-UT58
Kerki AirportKerkiTM-UT51
Kizyl Atrek Northwest AirportTM-0004
Kizyl Atrek West AirportTM-0005
Kizyl-Arvat AirportKizyl-ArvatTM-UT55
Pitnyak AirportAmudar'yaUT1E
Saraghs Southeast AirportSaraghsTM-UT50
Yangadzha AirportUT1F