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Tucson International Airport

The commercial air service started at Tucson International airport in 1928. KTUS airport is the second busiest and largest in the state of Arizona. It is an airport where many people pick up connecting flights. The chances of delayed and cancelled flights is greater.

KTUS parking is available for ticketed travelers and this facility is also available to the private jet client. Private jet KTUS is becoming more popular as an alternative choice for flying. Too many people have been disappointed by the poor service and long waits when flying on commercial carriers. Today flying on private charter jets is not just reserved for the rich and famous but just about anyone can enjoy five star luxury.

More social media travel tribes have been created since February 2011 when they got launched. Jet charter Tucson states that the prices are particularly attractive if one buys an empty leg when the jet must travel to one destination to pick up their next client. Anywhere along that route smaller routes can be chartered.

Private jet charter Tucson posts the availability of empty legs on websites so it is easy to see what the potential flight options are. A jet can be ordered within four hours. There will be two pilots assigned to each aircraft and a cabin crew member.

Private jet KTUS makes certain that the jets are controlled to the highest of standards. This means that not only the minimum FAA criteria must be met which applies to all commercial airlines but private jet charter Tucson takes this a step further and has added more criteria. The aircraft must not have been in any previous accident and is on a more stringent maintenance program than the commercial airlines.

Jet charter Tucson offers an escape to another world of flying. The interior décor varies depending on what jet is chosen but it can range from a Minimalist elegance with soft hues of beiges, greys and ivories to a more American Contemporary look.

Comfort and luxury, safety and service are all top priorities with private jet KTUS. You can choose your own menu, beverages, music, and movies. For longer flights you will have the chance to recline on our top of the line lounge chairs made of premier grade leather. The larger jets will include sleeping cabins with beds and full size bathrooms.

Jet charter Tucson feels that no matter if your journey is long or short, the main focus should be on providing a stress free experience. Our lives seems to be busy coping with more stress than seems necessary. Flying need not be a stressful experience.

From the moment you step onboard until you leave, time will seem to stand still. You will be able to achieve your goals in less time than you realized. Quiet work areas abound where you can connect with wireless internet. You can even arrange to have a massage therapist or yoga instructor come in to keep you on your physical fitness schedule.

If eating well is important for you, private jet charter Tucson

will make sure that the meals provided will correspond to your dietary requirements. Jet travel should not feel as if you are being shuffled through like one number among many. Tucson private jets will make certain that you have customized service that will make you feel special each time that you fly.

Private jet KTUS offers safer, more comfortable flying to the destinations of your choice without wasting time in airports waiting to go through security checks and boarding pass lineups. It is a stress free way to travel where you arrive and depart on time everytime.