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Theodore Francis Green State Airport

Theodore Francis Green State Airport

Originally built in 1931 Theodore Francis Green State Airport was the first state owned airport in the US. It functions as a reliever airport for Logan International. KPVD is located in Providence, Rhode

Like many of the small airports built about eighty years' ago they have needed some serious renovations done to them. They were not designed for the volume of traffic in the twenty-first century. This has resulted in the slowing down of passengers trying to retrieve their baggage and either exit or enter the airport.

Private jet KPVD offers a special five star private charter service for travelers who cannot risk being delayed at airports or in flight. Traveling in first or business class on a commercial carrier does not give them any protection against these obstacles. As airport owners are renovating their airports there is the added inconvenience of keeping the airport functioning as normally as possible under construction conditions.

Jet charter Providence is available to offer five star luxury services to discriminating clients who prefer to pay the extra for the stress free fast and convenient flight. The time and money they lose waiting for the next commercial flight could add up to the same amount or more in lost business or increased health concerns.

Providence private jets provides a stress free environment in which to conduct business or to enjoy some personal time while traveling to the next destination. Clients arriving at KPVD find ample parking at KPVD parking. They will board their chartered jet at the private terminal.

Social media has also created an opportunity for social groups to charter a private jet. The five star VIP experience can now be enjoyed by people in the same social groups. The demographic can be honeymooners, sports groups, single travelers and sporting groups.

The social group contacts Providence private jets says this is collective buying power at its best. Flying like a VIP and getting to meet some of your social media friends en route to a fun filled destination makes a lot of sense. The group avoids the busy airport hub of the main terminal and can get to know people they have been communicating with online on their social media sites for years.

There are several sites to join that create traveling tribes where members with similar interests can join and travel sometimes for the same price as an economy or business class ticket. For the first quarter of 2011 private jet activity increased by 37% from 2010.

Jet charter Providence points out that there are two types of categories. One is broker and the other is operator. Brokers arrange the flights and operators actually operate the aircraft. Many new brokers have surfaced and often they were part of a bankrupt brokerage or they were fired for poor performance.

Follow some tips to make sure you are not working with an unqualified individual. The history and background experience of the individual must be checked. They should have a professional liability insurance certificate. There are many more questions that should be controlled and Providence private jets recommends going online to get the full list.

One way charters provide some significant price reductions. Private jet charter Providence points out that the empty leg can be flown anywhere between a departure and a destination. The traveler is not limited to those two places. The empty leg charter is not cancelable.

When you arrive at KPVD parking to leave your car, you will be embarking on a new experience. Exotic wood paneled interiors await you with expensive leather seats. Buckle up and relax. You are in for a treat.