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Spokane International Airport

Spokane International Airport is considered a large size airport where private charter flights and charter service are readily available.

Have you ever considered chartering a private jet instead of putting up with the noisy clamor on commercial flights? A private jet will hold anywhere from four to twenty people so there are different size jets for different size groups.

KGEG parking is not only where you will leave your vehicle but also where you will leave the memories of all those unpleasant flights far behind you. Private jet KGEG will be happy to replace those negative recollections of past flights with some beautiful new ones that will forever change your mind about how to fly.

Years ago when commercial flight was first launched passengers were treated like first class clients. Not everyone could fly fifty years' ago so those who did were accustomed to having great service on the ground and expected it in the air.

Spokane private jets understands what the passenger needs. Their cabin personnel works in close connection with the one on one advisor assigned to the traveler. If something is not quite right the client has a special number where they can call up their advisor to address the problem.

These amenities of course were not available in the 1950s so today's top of the line service really does reach into higher levels of service.

Jet charter Spokane will make certain that the client will have exactly the food and beverage they require. Any special DVDs or music will be there for them to listen to and watch.

If they prefer to work quietly no one will disturb them. If they are curious about the areas they are flying over the crew will make sure their will have their questions answered.

Upon arrival the client will be whisked through document check and security without any stress. They will exit through the private terminal as they did upon their arrival at KGEG. Step by step the way will be clear for them to smoothly proceed along their journey without any stressful events.

This is a far cry from what is actually transpiring on commercial airliners these days.

Since the first rumbling of terrorist activities and 9/11 traveling has never been the same. Even though a traveler is paying for first class tickets on a commercial airliner he will be stuck at the airport like everyone else if the flight gets delayed or canceled.

Jet charter Spokane on the other hand will not get cancelled or delayed unless the flying conditions are unsafe to fly.

The commercial airline companies are chronically overbooking or not flying on schedule so that it is becoming more difficult for flights to meet their schedules on time. To continue to rely on this archaic system indefinitely will eventually takes its toll on the frequent flyer.

Private jet KGEG will make certain that this cannot happen on chartered private aircraft. Jet charter Spokane is also ideal for traveling with one's family to a special event such as a family reunion. Instead of having to deal with the crowds in airports why not spend the extra money for peace of mind and whisk your family through a private exit to your waiting luxury rental car?

Flying does not have to be a test of endurance where your legs are cramped, the food is mediocre and the noise is simply too much. Spokane private jets makes sure you and your family have a flawless trip to your destination so that you arrive rested and ready to go. They want you back to enjoy another calming journey on their fine luxury jets.