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Seattle Tacoma International Airport

The Seattle Tacoma international airport or Sea Tac is located near what is known as the port. This area is very important to the Seattle/Tacoma area. This is mainly because it plays such a big role in international trade. This area supports tourism and commercial fishing in the Pacific Northwest. Not to mention it plays a big role in road and rail infrastructure. This is important because it helps freight traffic between Tacoma and Everett. Sea Tac airport is said to be the nations 17th busiest airport, saying to have held over 31.5 billion passengers in 2010. This airport also has a significant economic impact attached to it. Sea Tac airport is said to generate 200,000 jobs within the area with profits reaching $6.8 billion. Many Washington citizens and travelers use this airport daily, a jet charter Seattle can also be a big part of these flights.

Most people have it in their minds that private jets are reserved for high up politicians, and assorted celebrities. This assumption would be very wrong; there are now many companies which are available to all kinds of travelers. In fact for many people to charter a jet would actually be a much smarter decision. is one of these companies. They help customers fly into Sea Tac airport all the time. To get a better feel for the airport and these Seattle private jets it would be smart to look at the FAA information. For starters the airport code that is used in Sea Tac is KSEA. So when choosing a jet charter in Seattle, a private jet KSEA would be appropriate. According to the report elevation is 433 feet, latitude is 47.449, and longitude is -122.309.

This specific airport operates with three different runways. CON surface which is 9426 feet by 150 feet, CONC-F surface which is also 9426 feet by 150 feet, and ASP which is 11900 feet by 150 feet. And the overall operation at Sea Tac airport runs on six different radio frequencies.

The reason why many private jet companies are now catering to regular people is because of the increasing competition they now face. They do not wish to fall behind all the competitors they have to face day to day. With private jets there are generally three different types of services which are offered. Air taxi, private charter membership, and Ad-HOC private charter services. Now air taxi appears to be the most popular because to appeals to regular travelers. This is because they offer allot more freedom than traditional airlines. With air taxi you are free to choose the date and time in which you depart. This would appeal to allot of people especially people who have used conventional airlines before. Private charter membership appeals more to people who use private jets often. This is because it gives you the upper hand you need against other customers. And Ad-HOC private charter services are reserved for people who would like to hire a private jet for either an organization or company. This is more reserved for CEO's, government workers, and men in assorted business practices. All of these services of course will get you to Sea Tac airport. Probably the biggest benefit with these services is you cut down on the heightened security of airports, it is ultimately allot more convenient.

The private jets which fly into Sea Tac airport can be something anyone could utilize. And like regular airports KSEA parking is available for use. Sea Tac airport is one of the 17th busiest and economically advanced because it worked hard to get where it is Reserve your private jet charter in Seattle today.