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Sacramento International Airport

Sacramento International Airport

acramento International Airport is located in Sacramento, California. KSMF is a busy airport since it is in a very popular area of California. It also receives flights from abroad so like all airports in the US it is growing in traffic and from that delayed and cancelled flights.

When arriving for your flight be sure to park your vehicle at the KSMF parking. This is designed for short term and long term parking. If you are planning on taking a regularly scheduled commercial airliner flight you will be wanting to get to the main hub of the building.

If however, you are interested in having a stress free five star flight experience you will be guided by private jet KSMF to a private terminal where you will be treated like a VIP. Five star service is no longer just for the rock stars and the wealthy of the world. It is now available for anyone who wants to fly stress free. That means choosing their destinations, their dates, their aircraft their menu and not having to deal with the noise and stress of the airport, security checks and check-ins.

Sacramento private jets also offers deeply discounted prices for empty leg one way routes. When a jet has to travel to a destination to pick up a client that route is usually without a passenger. It is available for purchase for a very good price because the flight has to be made anyway. Any offshoot from that route is also part of the empty leg.

Social media has started tribe travel groups and these groups often want to meet and travel to an event together. It is possible to purchase a charter flight with the social media group for prices so good that they may go down as far as an economy class ticket. If you are traveling business class anyway, you can get a five star flight for the same price if you do your homework.

Jet charter Sacramento has an agent to help answer all your questions 24/7. We are proud of our fleet of five star jets that have been stringently controlled at far higher standards than the FAA minimum requirements for commercial aircraft.

Private jet charter Sacramento always has two pilots who have been carefully screened for their qualifications. They must be able to fly to other countries and not have had any accidents in their flying history. Our cabin personnel also is highly trained in providing five star service to the most discerning clients.

Our fleet of jets includes light, medium and heavy jet. We also have helicopters to offer. Sacramento private jets offers a variety of interior décor ranging from elegant Minimalist with color choices of light charcoal, soothing beige and other colors from the soothing palette of shades. Our lounge chairs are of premier quality soft leather that can be reclined for stretched out sleeping.

Jet charter Sacramento is always interested in learning how we can best service our clients. We encourage you to contact us with suggestions and recommendations. We believe the five star service must constantly be five tuned in order to keep it five star.

Private jet KSMF encourages families to explore chartering a private jet. The time saved in waiting in airports could be spent enjoying a fabulous experience on a private jet and arriving on time at their destination. A special children's menu can be prepared and their favorite DVD can be procured at the last minute if it has been forgotten.

Sacramento private jets looks forward to opening up more routes and adding more clients to their portfolio of satisfied flyers.