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Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Washington, D.C. is home to all the major government agencies located in the US. It is without a doubt one of the most important places in this country. A number of politicians, foreign dignitaries, lobbyists, and lawyers visit the famed capital for a variety of different reasons. Private jet charters are how these important people get to DC. The primary airport for these people is Ronald Reagan Washington National airport. The Ronald Reagan Washington National is a public airport which is located just three miles from the central business district of Washington, DC. It is the preferred airport because it is the closest commercial airport to the capital. Originally this airport was just called Washington National but in 1998 it was renamed after President Ronald Reagan. The primary airport code is said to be KDCA. Of course because it is used by government officials there are many security restrictions when using this airport.

We should first look at its history to get a better look at how the airport formed. It started with two different airports back in 1926. One was Hoover field which was located close to the present location of the Pentagon. The other was the Washington airport which was located close by, in the 30's during the great depression these airports came together to make the Washington-Hoover airport. In 1938 prohibition of government involvement with airports was lifted, and plans of the Washington National airport were being constructed. The airport opened its doors on June 16th, 1941. And of course in 1998 it was renamed after President Ronald Reagan.

Since this city holds high security facilities pilots are not to exceed 2010 km when in the air, this has the pilots working with limited airspace which can be tricky. This is said to be in affect so that pilots can more accurately control aviation noise. And perhaps this is in direct relation with Washington private jets. To get a better idea of jet charters in Washington, it would be a good idea to glance at FAA information for the airport. This information is in correlation with the KDCA code of the airport. According to the sheet the FAA identifier of the airport is DCA, the elevation is fifteen feet, and the time zone is UTC-4 but is UTC-5 during standard time.

Statistics show that an average of 756 flights come in per day at the airport. 53% are air taxis, 44% are commercial, 2% are transient general aviation, and 1% is military flights. Now as for private jet charters in Washington, they come in from all kinds of different locations. It really depends on where these various government officials are departing from. And in the case of foreign dignitaries they would most likely take a private jet from their country of origin. And despite what many might think it does operate close to the way a regular airport would. KDCA parking is available of course within the airport, and as always this airport is open to the general public.

The use of private jets for government officials has been happening for a long time. In most cases the president uses the Boeing 747-200B jet liner. It is said to carry the military designation VC-25A. The Vice President is said to use the Boeing 757 however. This carries the military designation C-32. These flights perhaps do travel to DC as KDCA private jets. The reason the use of private jets is often time necessary for heads of state, is obviously because they need privacy. The Ronald Reagan Washington National airport has allot of history attached to it, and this tradition continues