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Roberts Field

Roberts Field Airport is located in Redmond, Oregon. KRDM was built in the 1920s and started receiving passengers in 1940. This is a small airport that has routes to Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and Seattle.

As small as this airport is the increased security measures mean that travelers need to come to the airport 90 minutes prior to departure. The average duration of a flight is about two hours. The time spent in pre-checkin waiting, then waiting in line to check in, then going through security, and finally waiting at the terminal adds up to three or four hours more of waiting. This does not include any delayed or canceled flights.

Frequent flyers are having second thoughts about wasting so much time when they could find a better alternative. Private jet charter Redmond offers the opportunity to charter a luxury jet with five star service to anywhere the client wants to go. If you are traveling frequently on flights that last on the average of two hours but are spending at least double that time waiting for the flight, then it might make economic sense to start taking private charter flights.

Traditionally for VIPs and rock stars Jet charter Redmond will cut your waiting time down to zero. Your aircraft will be waiting for you at a private terminal. All you have to do is park your vehicle at KRDM parking and the rest will be taken care of by your personal assistants from Redmond private jets.

No longer will you have to be at the airport so early and then g through the embarrassing security checks. You will be escorted to your private jet where your favorite music will be playing. Settle into a super comfortable seat that turns 180 degrees.

Private jet KRDM will serve your favorite beverage, meals and help you in every way possible to enjoy your flight. This is the trend of the future and social media is not slow to pick up on the opportunity.

Social media groups are chartering flights for whatever events interest them. Perhaps it is a conference or a sports event. The power of the collective will create affordable prices.

Private jet charter Redmond has special prices too for empty legs. This is when an aircraft must to to another destination to pick up clients. Instead of flying to that destination empty, or points along the way, the jet can be chartered for a fraction of the regular cost. Often it is the same cost as what it would cost either in economy or business class on a commercial carrier.

Redmond private jets loves to cater to families too. If there is a family reunion planned or other event why not consider dropping off your car at KRDM parking and walk over to the private terminal. There your entire family no longer has to wait in the main terminal with all the noise and confusion. When you travel with private jet KRDM you won't want to return to commercial flying anytime soon.

Private jet charter Redmond makes certain their aircraft are properly controlled regularly. This means that in addition to the minimum check the FAA requires, we also have added a checking system that is an additional security and safety check. The two pilots who will travel with you have also been checked.

Private jet KRDM recommends going online to learn more about our membership plan. There are a few options and we are confident that you will find the answers to your questions. There is an agent online to answer all your questions.