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Portland International Jetport Airport

Portland International Jetport Airport

Portland International Jetport in Portland, Maine has been voted as the most affordable airport in the region. This means that the average cost for a national or international flight ticket was $394. This airport is growing like many others in size and popularity. New routes have been added to Toronto and Atlanta. This means too that there will be more take offs and landings and crowded skies.

Private jet KPWM realizes that more commercial traffic will mean more delays and cancellations. For travelers who travel frequently on business this is cause for raising one's blood pressure. Jet charter Portland offers five star flight service for travelers who are prepared to join an elite organization of other travelers who have discovered a better way to travel.

Portland private jets recognized long ago that this kind of travel should not be reserved for rock stars or politicians. It is very affordable for a distinct group of people who need to have a five star caliber of service both for business and personal travels.

The world is high stress enough so finding ways to alleviate this is our top priority. Decades ago air travel was reserved for the elite who had the financial means to reach their destinations as fast as possible with the technology available then. Service was considered a top priority and it was easy to offer given the small number of travelers.

Times have drastically changed. Just about anyone can afford to travel at least once a year by air. With the increase in flight routes and new destinations to visit tourism has flowered. Not until growing concern for terrorist threats to national security did air travel take on a new personality.

Private jet charter Portland has done away with a lot of the stress causing activities that most travelers are obliged to participate in. long lines at check in, bothersome security checks where removing articles of clothing is now considered the norm, irritable children and adults who voice their irritation vocally and noisy airports with the constant announcements over the PA to name a few.

Portland private jets is located in a private terminal so our clients avoid the commotion in the main terminal. Upon leaving your vehicle at KPWM parking your baggage will be conveniently taken to the terminal. You can forget about carrying anything heavy from here on in.

Check in is private and stress free. Our beautifully designed décor is calming and comfortable. The large screen monitor can be adjusted to play whatever it is you want to see. Once all the necessary procedures have been taken care of and boarding time is near, you will be escorted to your private jet by jet charter Portland.

Onboard everything has been prepared for your arrival. All the requests that you had made prior to the trip have been taken care of. Special music, food, beverages are there for your five star experience.

If your plans include working onboard then your work area will be ready. When the time has come for a rest our comfortable ergonomically designed chairs can be adjusted for full recline positioning.

You will experience whisper quiet travel with cabin personnel to take care of anything you might need. Private jet charter Portland flies out on time and arrives on time. You will have two pilots for added safety. Portland private jets believes in placing safety at the top of the list. All pilots are screened for qualifications and experience. Our aircraft are controlled according to rigid requirements beyond the minimum the FAA requires for commercial jets. We look forward to talking to you shortly and welcoming you onboard.