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Portland International Airport

Portland International Airport in Portland, Oregon has been voted the best airport by Conde Nast magazine for four years in a row. KPDX auto-walkways for instance do not run when not in use, thus saving a lot of energy. A special infra-red sensor picks up the individual when they step on the walkway. These are safer than the older models since you do not have to break your stride.

KPDX parking features a seven floor parking garage designed to accommodate three thousand vehicles. The top of the building houses office spaces. The building has won a lot of recognition and awards most notably the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

The airport uses energy efficient lighting from recyclable sources. The wastewater is recycled for use in toilets and showers. It is such an advanced system that it will be showcased for many years.

Private jet KPDX is pleased to offer their five star services from this beautiful airport. We understand how busy airport traffic can get and no matter how fabulous the airport is, busy air traffic will still mean delays and cancellations. These incidents are out of the hands of the airport.

Private jet charter Portland provides five star service on a fleet of safe and comfortable small, medium and heavy jets that will fly you to any destination that you wish. Be it for business or pleasure, your experience on these aircraft will change the way you view flying.

Your personal advisor will help you to put together the flight experience exactly as you want it. Portland private jets a personal advisor to help you from the first step all the way to the last. Any special requests due to medical issues, food, beverage, music etc. can be easily taken care of.

If you wish to squeeze in a yoga session or massage therapy that can also be arranged. Upon arrive to your destination jet charter Portland will make sure that the concierge services fulfill the remaining portion of their commitment to you. All will take place according to plan.

There is a choice of membership plans and if you choose not to join there is still a plan available where you can benefit from five star flight service. This kind of service is growing in popularity because so many travelers have become disillusioned by their recent experiences when flying commercial aircraft.

There are also empty leg deeply discounted routes available where private jet charter Portland flies to a given destination to pick up a guest. Instead of flying empty they will sell this space for a hard to beat price. Many travelers have just recently learned about this offer and are very happy using it.

The craft can also be used as a promotional vehicle. If you are planning on a business trip and want to impress your colleagues you can use the interior of the craft to promote your company brand and logo. This will appear on napkins and other promotional items as previously agreed on. This is an opportunity to treat your colleagues to five star travel.

Portland private jets understands how much jet travel has changed over the decades. This is why our personnel is so intent on providing the best service. This is how it was when commercial air travel started. Travelers want to know that they are being provided the best possible service. If they are traveling with their family then this is especially important to them.

There is a lot of information online and there is always a friendly representative from private jet charter Portland available to answer all your questions.