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Port Columbus International Airport

Port Columbus International Airport

The airport originally opened in 1929 on a site selected by Charles Lindbergh. The original hangars and terminal building are still in use. The airport has a distinctly historic aspect to it that is interesting to come and see.

Private jet KCMH provides five star private charter jet service to a wide range of clients. Flying in this fashion is no longer reserved for the rich and famous. According to recent surveys about 50% of the people flying on commercial airlines are dissatisfied with the entire flying experience. The long waits in line, the discomfort of public security checks and the delays and cancellations of flights has put travelers into high stress levels.

Private jet charter Columbus offers a different concept for flyers that up until recently has not been affordable. Many people have questioned the number of hours they are spending in the waiting mode. This valuable time could be spent enjoying a luxury aircraft that would already be traveling to the destination. For the extra cost they have bought peace of mind and punctuality.

Columbus private jets says this is not the only amenity they have bought. In many cases they have bought into a new way of looking at how to get around each time they fly. Superior service and safety need not be a once in awhile event.

Jet charter Columbus explains that when a jet must fly to another destination to pick up a client they fly what is called an empty leg. The empty leg is a one way flight and is for sale. The empty leg can also have offshoots from the original route. The deeply discounted prices often equal the price of a business class ticket and sometimes even an economy coach class fare. These are prices that are listed online on the various charter jet websites.

Columbus private jets has groups from social media tribes called travel tribes charter a jet for some of the tribe members to travel in together. Many are meeting each other for the first time. The quality of service they receive makes the onboard meeting a fabulous experience. This would never be achievable on commercial flights.

The flights can be tailor made to suit the client's needs. A one on one advisor from private jet charter Columbus will create a personal profile for the charter guest to add information to. If they have certain menu requirements these can be taken care of. If they are planning on traveling with their colleagues for instance, they may want to have a special cake ordered with the name and logo of the company clearly featured on it.

There are always two pilots onboard who have been carefully screened for their qualifications, accidents, and ability to fly into other countries. The criteria for their acceptance into Columbus private jets is higher than the minimum standard set out by FAA for all commercial airliners.

The cabin personnel is also highly trained and very keen on satisfying all the wishes and needs of their in-flight guests. Jet charter Columbus also offers a concierge service for those clients interested in joining the membership program. It is possible to contact a representative from the company 24/7 who will be happy to explain the program in more detail. Private jet charter Columbus looks forward to new members discovering this fantastic way to fly.