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Pittsburgh International Airport

Pittsburgh International Airport

No longer a big industrial town Pittsburgh nonetheless is an important center for health care, technology, finance and education. Many Fortune 1000 companies have their headquarters here. Forbes magazine has ranked Pittsburgh as one of the most livable cities of the United States.

Pittsburgh International is a busy airport that accommodates both commercial airlines and charter craft. For four years in a row KPIT has been on the OAG's list of one of the world's leading airports. This approval is also backed by Conde Naste as being one of the world's most elite airports.

With so much going for the city and its airport its geographic location is also noteworthy. It is within an hour and a half flying time of almost half the population of North America. Flight routes are to other US destinations, as well as Canadian and European. Other foreign destinations include Hong Kong, Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh City. There is the potential for opening up new routes to other Asian cities as well.

With the economic importance of countries like China growing, more flights will be available. Jet charter Pittsburgh is ready to accommodate the needs of their customers.

Many corporate travelers among others, have expressed their dissatisfaction with the poor customer service they are subjected to even flying first class on commercial airliners. Private jet charter Pittsburgh has been offering a service that is hands down superior to what is being practiced elsewhere.

Pittsburgh private jets is committed to customer service. Their credo is to provide reliability, safety and quality to their valued clients who place their trust in private jet Pittsburgh.

Instead of coping with delays and cancellations that frequently plague the commercial airliners, the traveler on jet charter Pittsburgh will be immediately flown to their desired destination. There is no waiting.

Crew from the Private jet Pittsburgh will meet the traveler in the private terminal where they can relax in pleasantly stylish décor. Their documents and security check are taken care of in privacy and not in public view as it is normally done with the commercial liners.

Pittsburgh private jets has prepared the cabin as requested by their client. If fresh cut flowers are desired, they will be there. Food and beverages are prepared according to how the client orders it. They can request their favorite music and DVDs and

Private jet charter Pittsburgh will make it happen.

Traveling to new frontiers like China will inevitably present new cultural discoveries. If the client has a Chinese business associate then it is also possible to have meals prepared that will suit the business associate's palate.

Private jet KPIT understands the importance of making positive first impressions and do their best to help their client in this regard. The jet also provides a membership program where members can use the interior as a venue for displaying the corporate logos and brands of their members. More information on this is online at their websites.

On the return flight clients can have their vehicle delivered from KPIT parking. Their baggage will be safely delivered to their vehicles. The concierge from private jet charter Pittsburgh will have already made sure that any accommodations or other requirements for their client have already been taken care of.

To learn more about the membership programs and the kinds of jet transport available for new clients we recommend that interested travelers go online with the relevant keywords and get informed. What they learn can save them countless hours of stress.

Jet charter Pittsburgh is ready 24/7 to answer any questions and encourage new potential clients to please get in touch with them for more information.