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Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona stands out as a different kind of airport. They have created diversions so while people are waiting for their flights they can take their pets to one of the three pet parks. KPHX also has a volunteer program where volunteers show travelers around the airport and to help where needed.

KPHX parking offers a free coupon where vehicle owners can get up to 40% off of their parking ticket in the terminal garage. There is also a 24 hour hotline to find out space availability in the parking garages.

Private jet KPHX understands that many travelers place a premium on saving time and just want to get through the airport as quickly as possible. For thee discerning people there is an alternative to traveling on commercial jets. Phoenix private jets offers five star travel where upon arriving at KPHX parking you will be directed to our private terminal where your private jet is waiting for you to the destination of your choice.

When you first sign up with Private jet charter Phoenix you will be assigned a special one on one advisor who will draw up a personal profile. This profile will be referred to and added to so that each time you travel with jet charter Phoenix all your needs and desires will be there for us to follow. If there are any changes you simply contact your advisor and the adjustments will be made.

Many empty legs are available where the aircraft must fly to another destination to pick up the next client. If you choose to fly that route you can also have the opportunity to chose smaller routes as offshoots of the main route. Private jet charter Phoenix offers deeply discounted rates. They can equal the same amount as an economy class or business price on a commercial carrier.

Private jet KPHX has a fleet of jet aircraft to choose from. Travelers can choose from light jet to medium jet and to heavy jet. Helicopters are also included and an aircraft can be made available within four hours. Our stringent security standards go above and beyond what is required for commercial aircraft. In addition to the minimum FAA requirements Phoenix private jets has additional criteria which must be met including information about any previous accidents.

Jet charter Phoenix always has two pilots who must have an impeccable flying record as well as the necessary accreditation and certification to fly nationally as well as internationally. Our cabin personnel must be well trained and experienced in providing service to a discriminating traveler who expects five star service.

As soon as you come onboard you will be greeted by a friendly smile and hushed, tastefully designed décor. Some of our craft feature exotic hardwoods, calming neutral colors and premium quality soft leather seats that will recline for sleeping comfort.

The larger jets will have sleeping quarters, a media room, a bar, dining room and living room. The interior design can be minimalist, contemporary American among other design choices.

Jet charter Phoenix knows that once you have flown a private jet it will be difficult to return to commercial jets. Many social media groups have formed traveling tribes in different cities throughout the US. The groups charter flights that will take them to specific destinations. This is one option to integrate private jet charters more frequently into your travel itinerary.

It is possible to get on their mailing lists and to track flights in real time. Flying has never been so much fun and the opportunities for private flight have never been so many.