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Palm Beach International Airport

Palm Beach International Airport

An airport within three nautical miles of Palm Beach, KPBI serves Palm Beach County with international flights, as well as nationwide flights within the continental U.S. The airport was dedicated and began operations in the 1930's, as Morrison Field. The airport used in World War II as a base for military aid to Britain in the D-Day invasion of Normandy. The airport is maintained by Palm Beach County Department of Airports, and is a public airport. Located by Military Trail on the west side of the airport and is easily arrived at by traveling I-95, or Congress Avenue in Palm Beach.

Private jet charter Palm Beach flights to and from anywhere in the U.S. and around the world are easily available at KPBI. Arranging a jet charter Palm Beach flight is easy to tailor to the needs of the customer, and their schedule, and based on personal travel needs and wants. Using the particulars of your flight, a private jet KPBI connection to whatever destination you desire gives you the accommodations usually only offered to private jet owners. Palm Beach private jets works on your intinerary, and using jet charter Palm Beach is a great way to deliver time sensitive cargo, or arrange the pick up of your cargo.

KPBI in Palm Beach offers charter flights through several private jet services, with the options available to help you avoid cancelled flights, and eliminate tiring and stressful security lines. Private jet charter companies also work through KPBI and offer all the assistance that commercial airlines offer. A chartered flight offers you the accommodations of an entire plane for your personal, business, or familial use, in total privacy. Private jets at Palm Beach Airport meet all the security and safety requirements of FAA, offer highly qualify pilots, and with access to over 5,000 jets, can guarantee a flight available in little as four hours.

Chartering Palm Beach private jets to travel is becoming a common means of travel in todays world of commuting across the country and around the world. The private jet is available is the exact size and type that passengers request when chartering a flight. The on-demand aspect of chartering a Palm Beach private jet makes it more convenient when travel is needed suddenly and without a lot of hassle. The staff at KPBI can help the customer with all the amenities offered to commercial flight passengers, such as handicap assistance, wheelchairs, baggage handling and accommodations involving children and elderly family members.

For lower cost in chartering a private jet, customers can check out empty leg flights. Empty leg flights offer lower cost flights, based on their need to return a jet to its original airport home, and an empty plane creates a means of offering seats on a private flight at extremely cut prices. These empty leg flights are one-way charter flights and are a deal that helps out the charter industry as well as flying customers. The accommodations of a private jet offers one the privacy of conversation, and/or a quiet, restful flight, following a stressful trip for business or otherwise.

KPBI parking offers charter passengers ground transportation, and affordable long extended parking accomodations. Ground transportation includes terminal as well as downtown Palm Beach hotels, restaurants and other local destinations. Private chartered flights include all the security and regular customer service that commercial passengers enjoy. A friendly airport staff greets one at the terminal, and FBO, Fixed Based Operations allows for easy, quick and private boarding of your chartered jet. The availibility jet charter Palm Beach flights are easy to find by contacting Stratos chartering, at 1-888-478-7286.