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Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport is an important airport. Located in Orlando, it is the second busiest airport in Florida. An interesting

fact about KMCO is that it was designated as a landing zone for the Space Shuttle. In 2005 KMCO was the first airport in Florida to accept SunPass and E-Pass toll transponders payment for KMCO parking. This system permits drivers to not have to stop when entering and exiting the parking facility.

Jet charter Orlando offers the opportunity for travelers to charter top rated private jets to their destinations of choice. Travelers can avoid the main airport hub by joining their luxury aircraft at a private terminal.

A recent survey indicated that about 50% of the travelers who fly on commercial carriers are disappointed in their experience. This feedback come from all traveling classes. Delayed and cancelled flights, crowded airports and poor service are the main complaints.

Jet charter Orlando offers superior five star service for their charter guests. Many social media groups have chartered a flight so that each traveler basically just pays for the price of their seat. The savings is significant often matching the same price as economy or business class on a commercial airline.

Orlando private jets has a fleet of three thousand aircraft from light jet to heavy jet and including helicopters. There are always two pilots at the controls. They have been stringently checked for qualifications and expertise. Private jet charter Orlando will check every detail of the pilots including any past accidents. They must also be able to fly outside of the US.

The cabin personnel must be qualified to provide five star service. Each client will have a personal advisor assigned to them to make sure that their every need is taken care of. Any special food, beverages, DVDs etc are all onboard to make certain that our guests have the ultimate five star treatment.

Flying into Orlando on a commercial jetliner involves dealing with crowds and busy ground transportation. Orlando private jets suggests taking a private jet for the family trip to Disneyworld. Several families could charter the plane and make the trip stress free and much more enjoyable for all the families.

Travel tribes are being created all over the country. The buying power of the collective brings the price down for each seat. This is an innovative social media which just recently started this year. Private jet KMCO is pleased to see that more people are willing to make the decision and move into the private jet charter demographic. Not only will it alleviate the stress travelers have been subjecting themselves to but it will be reinforcing a culture of travel that was reserved just for the very few.

Everybody deserves to travel five star. If they are part of a group they will see how the collective power will facilitate their travel plans. There are no longer any embarrassing security checks to go through. Long lines are done away with and the noise of thousands of people traveling through airports has been replaced with your favorite music being played in a beautifully designed interior. Exotic wood paneling and ultra soft leather seats that totally recline will meet your approval.

As this concept catches on more there will be more tribes to join. Private jet charter Orlando suggests that interested individuals take the time to learn more by going online. New information is added weekly.The traveling landscape never looked so dynamic and exciting as it does now with private jet KMCO. Come to Orlando stress free with your group of family or friends and enjoy all that the area has to offer.