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Why you should drive yourself to Loubomo Airport

Why you should drive yourself to Loubomo Airport

If you are flying out of Loubomo Airport, one of your chief concerns is parking. As is the nature with amny parking areas around Loubomo, you will need to know a few simple tips and tricks to avoid over paying. First, if you are flying, even for a day, under no circumstances should you park in the hourly parking even though they have daily rates. These daily rates will be way higher than other available parking areas. If your trip is under thirty days, choose the economy parking and if your trip is over thirty days, choose the long term parking which is hidden just outside of Loubomo Airport. In addition, one of your cheapest options instead of parking at Loubomo Airport is to take Loubomo transportation. Depending on where you are starting from, public transportation could be your most viable option and cheapest.

If you drive an alternative or hybrid car, Loubomo DIS wants to reward you. They take the problems out of airport parking by reserving ideal parking spots for eco-friendly travelers. They also offer guaranteed parking for frequent fliers and electronic billboards to alert fliers about current availability. Loubomo DIS uses color-coded parking facilities that ensure parking closest to your terminal. Costs, based on the length of stay, also offer economical flat rates for overnight parking. If you are traveling through Loubomo DIS, take advantage of their 24-hour hotline. Available to all travelers, call their toll-free number to find current parking availability. Because the most inexpensive parking is usually furthest away from Loubomo DIS, they offer free shuttle services to and from the airport.

If you are looking for an alternative to expensive terminal airport parking at Loubomo Airport in Loubomo, check your online businesses for off site airport parking. Your parking space is reserved and will not be given away until you arrive. An airport shuttle will pick you up at your car and you can load and unload all baggage at your car and in front of the terminal. You will not have to carry it for blocks while fighting your way to your own flight. The shuttle service will deliver you straight to the terminal of your choice. Save up to 75% on parking fees with off site parking. Each lot is safe and secure so you travel without worry and return to be picked up by the shuttle and delivered right to your car in comfort.

Parking at Loubomo DIS is a tricky business if you do not know where to begin. The system is relatively easy and a sign explains it at each Loubomo DIS airport entrance. Each parking section is colored coded. The color code of a particular parking lot is the price you pay per day. The parking lots closer to the airport are more expensive than parking lots located farther away from the airport. Convenient shuttles at Loubomo DIS will take you directly to the specific airline you are flying and then return you to the same parking lot when you arrive from your trip. Security cameras are attached on alternating lamp posts to maintain safety and ensure that your vehicle is there upon your return at Loubomo DIS.

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