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Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, NJ is the tenth busiest airport in the US. KEWR is also the fifth busiest airport for receiving international flights. This is an extremely busy area for air traffic. It ranks second in the world after London.

In 1935 Amelia Earhart dedicated the Art Deco Newark Airport Administration Building which is now a historic site. The airport went through extensive renovations throughout the 1970s so that it has been able to accommodate the growing numbers of air travelers.

Private jet KEWR knows how time consuming it is to drive by car in and out of busy airports. The stress starts as soon as one starts to drive. Then it is a question of finding available space for long term KEWR parking. The stress continues when entering the hub of the airport when thousands of people are rushing to catch flights, find their baggage, meet other people or are just waiting for long stretches of time to catch connecting flights.

Private jet charter Newark offers a five star solution that reduces the stress factor to zero. Once you have parked your vehicle you will enter a private terminal where the noise from the outside world does not penetrate.

Newark private jets welcomes you to its tastefully designed terminal where you can kick back in comfortable lounge chairs, have a beverage, watch tv from our large wall mounted monitor and get ready to fly away.

You know longer have to tolerate long lines waiting to be checked in or to practically have undress yourself in the public eye while going through security checks. Rushing to get your clothes back on, laptop from the plastic tray and catch your flight on time.

It often seems like a crazy race to get to the terminal on time only to be told that the flight has been delayed or cancelled.

Jet charter Newark will provide a totally different experience. Expect your blood pressure to go down significantly. You will enter a beautiful interior. Some will be designed with exotic woods and premier grade kid leather lounge chairs that turn 180 degrees and are fully reclinable.

Private jet KEWR chooses for you from a selection of three thousand aircraft that are maintained to top safety standards. You can choose from light jet to heavy jet. Depending on the length of your traveling and the size of your party, the configuration of the interior will vary.

Jet charter Newark provides a one on one advisor to help set up your personal profile describing your wants and needs. You will have access to concierge services so that upon arrival a rental car can be ready and waiting for you.

As of February 2011 new social media sites are being created for tribe travel groups throughout the US. The groups join together collectively to charter a private jet for a function that they are all interested in attending. Private jet charter Newark recommends going online and contacting us to learn of all the choices of one way empty leg flights that are heavily discounted because they must be sold.

Newark private jets will often have to fly the jet to another destination. This one way leg will be for sale for a reduced price. Any routes that offshoot from this route are also available. A collective group pays for the seat which can be the same as an economy class ticket on a regular commercial airlines.

Private jet KEWR will always have two pilots onboard. They have gone through stringent background checks. The cabin personnel is also trained to offer five star service to a discerning clientele.