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Minneapolis-St Paul International/Wold-Chamberlain Airport

Minneapolis-St Paul International/Wold-Chamberlain Airport

The airport code for Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport/Wold Chamberlain is KMSP. The Wold-Chamberlain portion of this airport name is not very widely used today.

Usually passengers refer to this worldwide flight center as Minneapolis-St. Paul International or by its code initials (KMSP). The airport code is how you would typically book a flight, especially if you were to do so online. Make sure you know the correct flight code every time you fly or you could be sent somewhere you do not want to go.

In the mean time you will learn some Minneapolis-St. Paul International location and service facts. This should help you become acquainted with this flight center in case you will depart and arrive from this location.

Simple Flight Center Facts

KMSP is the largest airport in the upper Midwest location of Minneapolis. Besides Minnesota, it serves several states, some of which include Iowa, South Dakota, Illinois, Nevada, Texas, North Dakota, Denver, Arizona, and Wisconsin.

Some of the top KMSP destinations include as follows: Denver, Chicago, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, and Dallas. However, dozens of flights to and from countless locations actually leave this international flight center. Some of the names of the airlines that this KMSP location serves includes as follows: Delta, Frontier, Southwest, United, and Sun country.

The official location of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is Heppenin County, Minnesota, USA. As of 2009, this international terminal is the fifth busiest flight center in the United States. It was the third busiest in the world in 2008.

Airport Parking

You can park in the ramps located at both ends of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. These KMSP parking stalls are connected to the terminals by way of a a sky way, and incidentally this sky way is climate-controlled. To ensure a more convenient parking spot you should plant ahead.

You can even use a real time parking availability terminal such as SurePark. This will help ensure that you are able to book a space for your vehicle as close as possible to your boarding terminal.

You could also request valet KMSP parking service. This is very helpful as it keeps you from having to drive your car in and out of the lot, and it saves time especially when you are in a hurry. This valet service is usually found at Terminal 1-Lindbergh.

You should also know that short-term parking is also available. You can reserve just a general space or you can book what is known as an Elite parking pass. The price you pay depends on the level of convenience you prefer and the length of time you need.

Private Jet Charter Service

Private jet charter Minneapolis-St. Paul services will take you to and from the airport. This personalized flying service can also help you plan your trip on your own schedule while in Minneapolis St.-Paul.

As late as 2010, the private jet KMSP flights often departed from the Terminal 2-Humphrey via the Sun County Airlines. This privatized service is also available via Terminal 1-Lindbergh by way of Delta Airlines. However, many changes have been made and as far as private jets usually you are required to go to one of the smaller airports.

Still, jet charter Minneapolis-St. Paul services are available. You may want to call KMSP for further information on smaller airports such as Flying Cloud Airport (KFCM) that services such planes as Elliot Airlines. Air Charter Access, One Sky Jets, and Cirrus International may serve the Minneapolis-St. Paul and surrounding areas.

Connection to and from this location or other flight centers may be possible via charter to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. It just takes learning when and where to connect to the transportation you need, and this usually requires making a few phone calls.

To put you at ease, most of the well-known providers of Minneapolis-St. Paul private jets offer packages for both personal and corporate use. A jet suited for your travel purposes usually is waiting for you as long as you plan far enough in advance.

Limo and Shuttle Service

Of course limo service Minneapolis and KMSP shuttle services are also available. Usually a car is waiting at the terminal for people when they land. However, if you want to ensure that you receive as personalized of service as possible you may want to call at least 30 minutes in advance to the time you need a limo, taxi, or bus.