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Metropolitan Oakland International Airport

Metropolitan Oakland International Airport

The Metropolitan Oakland International Airport specializes in attracting the low cost airlines to the area of Oakland, California. The airport completed a multi-million dollar renovation project in 2008.

Historically this airport is interesting in that in 1927 when it was built Charles Lindbergh conducted the dedication ceremonies. Because of its long runway many historical flights took here such as Amelia Earhart's final flight in 1937 and Charles Kingsford Smith's 1928 US-Australia flight.

A new eco-friendly control tower is expected to open for operations in 2013. Flight destinations include Mexico, Hawaii, New York and Arizona to name a few.

KOAK parking has been greatly improved due to the major renovations that the airport has recently done. The improved infrastructure should make driving in airport traffic more stress free. Jet charter Oakland realizes that the increase in car traffic means more people coming into the airport. That means more travelers traveling on commercial carriers. This is good news for the airline companies but for the traveler it means more delayed and canceled flights.

Oakland private jets offers an alternative solution to beat the stress of flying. Save time and do away with stress with five star flying instead. Private jet charter Oakland is growing nationwide in popularity with the discerning traveler who has had enough time wasted waiting for overdue flights while running late for important meetings.

Oakland private jets personnel have been hand picked to serve their clients with fine kid gloves. There are always two pilots at expertise, experience and eligibility to fly to all required countries. Private jet Oakland offers highly trained cabin personnel to provide top of the line service during pre-flight, in-flight and post flight times. A special one on one advisor is assigned to each client to draw up a personal profile describing everything the clients' wants or needs. If there is a medical condition that private jet KOAK must be aware of it will be on file and all personnel will be informed.

If the client requires a special diet the required meals will be prepared for them. When our client comes onboard one of our spacious and beautifully appointed aircraft we want to make certain that everything is as it should be. Private jet charter Oakland has a concierge service where all the details will be established during the pre-flight stage.

If our client plans to have a vacation trip with his family then everything will be done to make the trip perfect. There will be no delayed flights. Our fleet flies out on time. If young children will be on the trip the client can request the DVDs, music, food that would be suitable for young children. We believe the kids should be treated with the same care and consideration as the adults.

Upon arrival at your destination our private jet KOAK concierge service will have your vehicle waiting for you at the designated spot. The baggage will be quickly and carefully removed from the craft and brought to the private terminal. There will be no crowds to deal with.

The return flight home will again be quick and efficient. Upon landing in Oakland, your car will be ready at KOAK parking. The baggage will be conveniently brought to your vehicle. You will be amazed not only at how much time you have saved but also how calm you feel.

It is easy to go online and learn more about the membership plans. It is not necessary to be a member. There are advantages to both. One of our representatives is always available to answer any questions you may have. Private jet KOAK looks forward to serving you.