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Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International (airport code KMSY) has seen a lot of transition and change due to multiple natural disasters including Hurricane Katrina. Since Hurricane Katrina, some carriers have resumed their regular schedules, reduced schedules, or are no longer providing service from New Orleans. That being said, the New Orleans International Airport is slowly but surely recovering and making improvements to ensure visitors have a positive traveling experience.

New Orleans International Airport was renamed after renowned jazz musician Louis Armstrong on July 2011. KMSY features a beautiful mural painting of Louis Armstrong and highlights the wonderful music and culture that New Orleans is known for. Excellent service is something that New Orleans International Airport strives to maintain. The airport has launched an initiative to make the airport cleaner and provide better service to travelers. In 2008 US News and World Report recognized Louis Armstrong International Airport as having one of the best experiences in a busy airport. The airport received high marks because of minimal flight delays and diminished onboard flight loads.

The various service offerings provided by New Orleans International Airport reflect its high service ranking. A post office is available for your convenience inside of the Ticket Lobby if you need to drop off a letter. Standard Wi-Fi and Virtual Private Network (VPN) internet is also available. There is also a police station located inside of the airport.

Southwest Airlines currently serves the most passengers departing to and arriving from New Orleans. Air Canada Jazz provides service to Canada. Since Hurricane Katrina, international flights from New Orleans International Airport have been limited. Air Tran, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and American Airlines are three other large carriers that provide service from KMSY. Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston are highly visited from the airport. The airport also provides service to cargo airlines including UPS and FedEx. Louis Armstrong International has east and west terminals connected by concourses A, B, C, D. Private charter flights depart from concourse B. Service for New Orleans private jets are also available and can be found online.

New Orleans private jet charter is provided by many independent companies. Simply google private jet KMSY or Private Jet Charter New Orleans to find a jet charter New Orleans operator. New Orleans private jets may add more comfort and service to your travels. You can also select which size plane you would like to travel on and make your trip more customized for your needs. A KMSY private jet charter may be ideal for large groups are business travelers. New Orleans private jet charter operators offer competitive prices. It is best to research multiple private jet charter operators before making a reservation.

KMSY parking is available for both long and short-term guests. Prices vary according to the length of your stay. Visit the New Orleans International Airport for more information about KMSY parking. Tax cabs are also available. Be sure to have a credit card ready if you wish to take a taxi because this is more convenient and all cabs at the airport are required to accept credit cards. An area to make cell phone calls for drivers picking up travelers is also available at the airport. Drivers who are picking up travelers should wait at this lot until their guests are ready to be picked up. Bus number E-2 provides service from the airport to Downtown New Orleans.

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport provides air travel (including New Orleans private jets) to the surrounding Louisiana area. It has withstood a number of natural disasters over the years and continues to focus on providing excellent service. KMSY is testament to the resilience of the city of New Orleans. The beautiful mural of Louis Armstrong inside the airport is definitely worth seeing if you ever have the opportunity to travel to New Orleans or any of the surrounding cities in Louisiana.