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Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport was rated as being the sixth most busy airport in the world in 2010. One of the main highlights of KLAX is the Theme Building opened in 1961. Designed in the Googie style this is a landmark piece of futuristic architecture that showcases the Mid-century modern movement of the 20th century. Not far from KLAX parking on any given day one can see plane spotters at Imperial Hill taking photographs of planes as they take off and land. This is a romantic hobby where plane spotters try to capture the perfect photo of each plane they are looking for.

With such a busy airport comes a lot of air and ground traffic. Heightened security checks are the norm since there has been concern that this airport could be on a terrorist's list. The Theme Building was closed to the public until recently.

Private jet KLAX is very popular because this airport handles a very large number of commercial aircraft. There are two ways of chartering a jet. One is via a membership program and one does not require membership or monthly fees.

Private jet charter Los Angeles provides access to over five thousand aircraft ready to give the discriminating traveler safe, convenient and reliable five star service to any destination they require.

Los Angeles private jets are safer in that on the average they are newer than commercial jets and they are rigidly inspected at a higher criteria than the minimum that the FAA requires for commercial craft. Jet charter Los Angeles offers the use of your choice of their inventory of aircraft, a personal one on one advisor and 24/7 concierge services to name a few.

Private jet KLAX can book a charter flight in as little as four hours notice. Their personal advisor will create a personal profile of their clients to ensure top notch tailor-made service. Listed will be all the requests that their clients want known about their preferences and travel itinerary.

Some travelers have special diet restrictions and these must be documented for future flights also. Clients like to have their cabin personalized such as requesting fresh cut flowers and their favorite music.

Private jet charter Los Angeles is expert at making a client's private charter as positive experience as possible. Once they have experienced the stress free world of not having to endure delayed or canceled flights, slow security lines and the embarrassment of going through body control in public, they will choose to travel in this manner more frequently.

Sparing oneself from stress is important. Traveling healthy is becoming more of a goal for clients. They have had enough of the mounting stress levels they endure when traveling commercial. When there are better options such as private jet KLAX for business or pleasure traveling, then why settle for anything less?

Depending on the size of the group Los Angeles private jets offers many sizes and types of aircraft from light jets to helicopters. Imagine bring your family on a holiday to Los Angeles without having to waste time in the airport. Your baggage will be taken care of upon your arrival at KLAX and your only concern is to make sure you are at the private terminal on time. Everything else will be done for you.

The children's favorite DVD can be playing when you come onboard and you and your wife will be served your favorite refreshments. You are the choreographer. You design your travel agenda the way you want it to be.

Private jet KLAX is there to help you make it a reality. Enjoy flying as it was meant to be.