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La Guardia Airport

La Guardia Airport is a smaller airport in Queens, New York. Its close proximity to Manhattan makes it a popular destination for travelers visiting New York City. LaGuardia Airport (airport code KLGA) has undergone many transformations over the years. La Guardia is primarily used for domestic flights because of regulations that prohibit nonstop travel to cities more that 1,5000 miles away. The most popular travel destinations from La Guardia include Chicago, Atlanta, and Fort Lauderdale.

The site that the airport was built on was first used by the Gala Amusement Park. La Guardia became a private flying field in 1929. In an effort to have additional air travel options available to the city of New York, mayor LaGuardia advocated for the construction of the airport in October of 1939. He worked with American Airlines to develop the airport. LaGuardia Airport took approximately two years to build. It was not considered a great investment by New Yorkers at first, but soon proved to be highly profitable. In 2010 approximately 24 million passengers traveled through La Guardia Airport.

LaGuardia has different options for air travel including private jet accommodations. New York City Private jets can be reserved through various private companies. New York City jet charter is a great travel option because of the personalized customer service and care you may receive. Convenience is another option that may appeal to travelers considering a New York City private jet charter. This makes for a much more comfortable travel and flying experience. Various sized private jets can be reserved for both business and private travel. To find a New York City private jet charter service, simply google private jet KLGA or private charter New York City.

If flying via private Jet from New York City is not in your budget, there are many commercial options available to New York City La Guardia Airport passengers as well. Currently over 30 airlines provide service to various locations throughout the United States. You can easily travel to major cities and destinations like Boston, Orlando, and Washington D.C. from LaGuardia. Canadian travel is also available at La Guardia airport. Airline carriers include major carriers such as American Airlines, US Airways, Delta, Continental, and Air Canada.

Getting around La Guardia Airport can be fairly simple. Be sure to read the signs at the airport or ask a staff member for directions if you get confused. There are 7 terminals at the airport. Your final destination will determine which terminal you will be departing from. Certain airlines fly to particular cities and countries from LaGuardia.

You can get to LaGuardia via public transportation. 4 New York City buses stop at the airport and can be transferred to via the Subway as well. The bus numbers are M60, Q 72, Q 33, and Q 48. Be sure to check the site to determine which bus will be best for you because each bus stops at a different airport terminal. KLGA parking is available if you wish to drive to the airport or leave your car while you travel. Rates vary depending on the duration of the time you wish to stay. Short and long term parking rates can be found on the La Guardia Airport website. Google La Guardia Airport to find the website and click on “airport guide” for parking fees and regulations. Taxi and limousine service is also available if you do not wish to drive or take public transit.

New York City's La Guardia Airport is a great travel option because of its close proximity to Manhattan. You may wish to travel by commercial airline or New York City private jet charter. La Guardia Airport may be your best option for quickly getting in to New York City and may be ideal for short-term business trips or persona travel.