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Rooster Field Charter Flights and Air Charter Service

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Rooster Field Details

Location: Eminence, Kentucky

Type: Small Airport

Scheduled Service: No

Local Code: 40KY

GPS Code: 40KY

Elevation: 840 Feet

Latitude: 38.2934

Longitude: -85.205

Runways at Rooster Field

Rooster Field has 1 runway.

1 2000 Feet40 FeetTURFNo

When flying out of Eminence park your car cheaply

Eminence Rooster Field offer ample parking spaces with specials for pre-booking. This means that there will always be a guaranteed parking space available. All these lots ensure all parking spaces are not far to the airports departure and arrival lounges to ensure no flights are missed and arrivals are greeted on time. Pre-booking parking tickets will save time and can lower parking fees considerably; book parking tickets online for bigger discounts. Eminence Rooster Field parking facilities has exceptional lighting and security measures, including CCTV and security patrols, to safeguard the vehicle and its' contents for long or short stays. Eminence Rooster Field modern car parking allows easy access to parking facilities without the need for waiting in long queues or for using the park and ride option.

Parking at Eminence Rooster Field is a tricky business if you do not know where to start. The system is relatively easy and a sign explains it at each Eminence Rooster Field airport entrance. Each parking section is colored coded. The color code of a particular parking lot is the price you pay per day. The parking lots closer to the airport are more costly than parking lots located farther away from the airport. Convenient shuttles at Eminence Rooster Field will take you directly to the specific airline you are flying and then return you to the same parking lot when you arrive from your trip. Security cameras are attached on alternating lamp posts to maintain safety and ensure that your vehicle is there upon your return at Eminence Rooster Field.

Airport parking choices are offered to all travelers who require leaving their car to make their travel arrangements. Parking options at the airport include both long and short term options in both covered and uncovered spaces. The prices of the parking options vary according to several factors, and usually daily, weekly, and montly rates are available for your parking needs. When you need parking at Eminence Rooster Field, it is best to know which option you will be needing before arriving at the airport and have arrangements made or known so they can easily be made. This will make things just a bit simpler while at the airport and during your travels, at a time when it can seem everything is rush, rush, rush and complicated and stressful.

Finding a nice, clean, and quiet place for the weary travel to rest his or her head is of the utmost importance in any situation. Traveling for work, pleasure or a little of both all require a decent night's sleep to conquer the next day's battles. Several choices are available in Eminence Rooster Field. Eminence Rooster Field has a few hotels right on site at the airport itself which are great for short term stays, but can get very expensive for the convenience they offer. Local bed and breakfasts offer fantastic hospitality and respite away from the hectic Eminence Rooster Field bustle. Motels unrelated to big brand name hotels tend to offer cheaper discounts the longer you stay. Airport parking shuttle drivers from Eminence Rooster Field are great informative resources. They sometimes have coupons offering discounts or complementary services at the ready from various hotels and motels for potential customers.

When flying out of Eminence park your car cheaply