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John Wayne Airport-Orange County Airport

John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California is fourteen miles from the Disney Resort. A statue of John Wayne greets passengers as they enter the building. The airport tends to handle more general aviation traffic than commercial aviation traffic.

The main destinations for KSNA are Phoenix, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Las Vegas and Seattle to name a few. Vancouver and Calgary service became available in spring 2011. Private jet KSNA offers five star service to any destination of your choice from KSNA in Santa Ana, California. Once you have safely parked your vehicle at KSNA parking you will be met at the private terminal where you will be able to start your flight without going through the stressful security clearances that have become a part of commercial aircraft travel for the last ten years.

Traveling used to be more enjoyable when commercial jet travel first opened to the public. Fewer people traveled and there were not the security risks that there are today. Jet charter Santa Ana understands that many travelers would like to travel in a more stress free environment. This kind of travel is no longer just reserved for the rockstars and VIPs.

Social media sites have started to create tribe travel sites where member with the same interests or geographic locations can charter a flight together. The reduction in price can be as low as the price of a business class ticket or even less depending on the size of the group, the jet, the destination and several other factors.

The collective has the power to influence the cost and destination. Why not investigate this option where you can travel with like minded fellow travelers to the destination of your choice at an affordable cost.

Santa Ana private jets often will fly to another destination to pick up a new client. En route there is an empty that is available to purchase at very good discounted prices. The route is not limited the departure and destination portion. Any offshoot from that leg is also possible to purchase. These flights are so economical that they are not refundable.

Imagine being able to take your family to Disney World or some other child oriented vacation destination without having to do through the stress of commercial flying. Private jet charter Santa Ana will have your favorite meals, beverages available. If you choose to join the membership club then you will be assigned a one on one advisor who will draw up a personal profile describing your wants and needs. This will be used for all future flights as well.

Santa Ana private jets are focused on safety and service. Our selection from over three thousand light to heavy jets means that we choose craft that have passed the minimum FAA safety requirements as well as added criteria. The jets must never have been in an accident.

There are always two pilots that have passed rigid requirements to fly for jet charter Santa Ana. They are checked for past accidents and any other discrepancies. They must be able to fly outside of the US and there must not be any health restrictions.

Our cabin personnel must have the training and experience to serve a discerning client who will not accept anything less than five star. Private jet KSNA prides itself on the high quality of our fine crew and know that you too will be pleasantly surprised.

John Wayne the actor made several movies with flying as a theme. He would be quite proud to see that an airport named in his honor would be accommodating such fine five star service from Santa Ana private jets.