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John F Kennedy International Airport

John F Kennedy International Airport in New York handles more international traffic to the US than any other US airport. There are over ninety airlines that fly out of this airport. The main terminal is about fifty percent bigger than Madison Square Garden.

Trying to exit this massive airport can take quite a bit of time and frustration. KJFK parking offers both short term and long term the airport are not accessible to friends and family dropping off travelers. Certain areas are designated as drop off areas but for a very limited period of time.

Travelers are still subjected to long lineup waits for check-in and security checks. This holds up the flow of traffic so that often flights are late in taking off because travelers are still in the security check up zone.

Private jet KJFK offers a five star solution that many who are flying on commercial carriers might want to investigate. Imagine having the freedom to choose your own destination on the day and time of your choosing. Imagine too that the jet that flies you there is a private charter luxury jet with five star service.

Jet charter New York will have you meet them at a private terminal so that you never have to set foot in the main terminal among the thousands of fellow travelers. You will not have to go through embarrassing security checks where it you have to disrobe 50% before being allowed to move on to the terminal.

New York private jets will make sure that all your wants and needs are taken care of. They do this following the personal profile that was created when the client signed up.

Social media tribes have started creating travel tribes where members of the same tribe can join together and charter a private aircraft. Private jet KJFK offers specially reduced prices on the empty leg route which is a one way trip to a destination the jet must go to to pick up a client. The route is available for purchase and any offshoots of that route are also available. The price reductions can go as low as the price of an economy or business class seat on a commercial airliner.

Jet charter New York chooses from a fleet of two thousand jets ranging in size from light, medium to heavy. Helicopters are also included. The interior décor is tastefully selected with exotic varnished wood paneling and neutral colors of soothing beige and calming light taupe. Travelers can focus on enjoying themselves and never have to be preoccupied with stress.

New York private jets always has two pilots onboard who have been stringently audited. Aircraft maintenance and supply as well as many other aspects of running an airline company have been controlled by third party agents to ensure travelers that private jet charter New York operates at the highest level possible.

Private jet charter New York also has highly trained cabin crew who have been trained to provide five star service to the most discerning of travelers. The have been informed by the one on one advisor about what their client's wants and needs are. They know when the client wants to be left alone and when they want something offered to them.

New York private jets is pleased to be able to offer an alternative service to clients looking for a better solution to their traveling frustrations. Five star service is available to more people now who are willing to pay a bit more. The return on their investment is immeasurable. Stress free traveling is right around the corner for those who are looking for more.