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George Bush Intercontinental Houston Airport

George Bush Intercontinental Houston Airport

George Bush Intercontinental Airport is the seventh busiest airport in North America. It is located in Houston, Texas and is growing in size as rapidly as the city is increasing its population.

Private jet KIAH is an exciting option to quickly and safely take flight from very busy airports freeing oneself from the stress of delayed or canceled flights. Surveys indicate that as many as half the commercial airline passengers are not satisfied with their traveling experience.

Tighter security checks, removing clothing in the public eye only to have delayed flights are frustrating experiences. One rushes to get to the terminal in time only to have two wait several more hours with screaming children running around them.

Private jet charter Houston offers a refreshing alternative to stressful travel. With their five star service and fleet of aircraft, their clients' blood pressure is sure to drop. Houston private jets understands all too well what the discerning customer is looking for in a flight experience. They assign a one on one advisor to guide them through the journey from start to finish.

Private jet KIAH also understands that their clients will want to come back and so a personal profile is kept on each client. All their requests, preferences in music, food, destinations traveled to etc. are documented so that each time the client travels with them they will know that individual a bit better.

KHIA parking area will also be noted on the profile just in case this where the client always wishes to park. The client does not want to repeat what they had said the first time they were interviewed.

KHIA Houston is a busy airport and the likelihood of delayed and canceled flights is inevitable. Many clients do not want to waste their valuable time spending a day or more in a waiting mode. They are anxious to get to their destination and rely on jet charter Houston to make the journey quickly and comfortably.

Houston private jets can arrange to have a massage therapist onboard to enhance the trip. Catering services will produce the meal or snack the client is requiring for their journey also. Comfortable airline lounge chairs can be joined to create a full length sleeping arrangement.

Private jet KHIA is accustomed to fulfilling all sorts of requirements. A private yoga teacher can be brought onboard for a fill in class, especially if the client is running late due to inclement weather. The cabin crew communicates together with the concierge services to fulfill their customer's every need.

If a special DVD is needed or special music private jet charter Houston will take care of this. The client can even use the aircraft as a venue for promoting their company brand. As a member of the club they have special privileges. The personal advisor can explain the programs to them.

Jet charter Houston has more than one kind of package to offer their clients. Some do not require membership and offer very attractive prices. Deep discounts often occur with the empty leg opportunity when the jet must be taken to the next destination for a pick up. To avoid flying empty private jet charter Houston will fly a client one way at an economic fare.

The personal advisor from private jet KHIA will contact the clients they know who would be interested in this opportunity. This is the difference between five star service and flying on commercial craft.

No one wants to experience increased security checks at airports. Everyone understands they are necessary. But for those clients willing to pay extra they will get the extra treatment they are looking for.